By Martin Holoubek

Top-class customers for exclusive products.

We are often asked in sales talks or at events what we actually do and how our proven method works, with which we have demonstrably already helped several hundred companies and brands to find their desired customers and ideal employees as well as above-average sales increases through digital branding. Therefore, in the following article I would like to go into more detail on the topic and give you a little insight behind the scenes and show you how we work at PIXIT and what makes us as a design agency and our method so special.

How do we help our customers and who is our offer aimed at?

Our proven expertise at PIXIT is in the area of ​​digital branding for premium providers - this means that we have made it our mission to help service providers and product providers in the high-price segment through digital branding to increase their perceived brand value and to position them as experts in their market and thus win top-class customers for their offer. Of course, you can also use the same lever to attract the right employees to your own company. We achieve this by raising your digital brand presence, starting with the brand design (logo, corporate design,...) through professional photos to your brand website, all branding assets to a high quality level and then going into visibility. Why do we focus on the premium segment? Quite simply because we have found that branding measures have a significantly stronger effect on premium or even luxury brands and the growth multiplier is significantly larger. Ultimately, our goal is to emotionally charge and sharpen your brand so that your potential customers will remember you as the luminary when it comes to solving their problem. You can compare that with the saying "Clothes make the man". High-quality, harmonious clothing and a well-groomed appearance ensure that you are perceived as competent and valuable in society, as superficial as it may sound. If you want to delve deeper into the topic of branding, then I recommend reading our post on how branding can help you grow your business.

What qualifies us to position ourselves as experts in the market for digital branding and new customer acquisition?

Let me rewind to the beginning. The story began with the trip to the United Arab Emirates, which I started about 7 years ago with two fellow students. I was already in the process of founding and wanted to get to know a company known from the media that makes the sports and luxury vehicles of the sheikhs and the super-rich drastically faster and provides cars for Hollywood blockbusters like Fast & Furious, so we visited their workshop. At dinner together, we were then offered the opportunity to take care of the company and its at this time 20 locations worldwide and to build up the brand digitally. This enabled us to dive deep into the world of luxury brands for the first time and learn how high-price branding works and how people in these spheres think. In the further course, we were able to win over other companies from sectors such as real estate, automotive, aviation/private jet rental from Dubai and Abu Dhabi, but also from America and Australia and support them in initiating their breakthrough in the digital business world. Over the last few years we have moved our focus back to Austria, built and opened our first design office here to match the brand and have been operating from our headquarters in Wiener Neustadt and Vienna with our constantly growing team ever since. We now look after several hundred customers from the DACH region, the UAE, USA and Australia, who are active in a wide variety of industries - ranging from agencies, management consultancies, software & technology providers, fashion and beauty brands, interior designers, companies from the automotive and real estate industries , service providers in the medical sector and many more. If you feel addressed and need support with the digital marketing of your products, then let's talk. To do this, click on the button below and make an appointment online or on site at our design agency in Vienna or Wiener Neustadt.

Our 4-step system for your breakthrough.

Over the years, we at PIXIT have continuously developed and perfected our system in order to provide our customers with better and better results. Meanwhile we have developed our 4-step system, which is divided into four different departments that each customer goes through to ensure a clear process and achieve the best results.

1. Idea and Strategy

In the first step, we look at where you currently stand, do an inventory and competitor analysis, determine your vision and goal definition and work with you to develop your positioning and brand strategy. This phase must be given special attention and time, because this is where the foundation for all further steps is laid. This is the blueprint of your identity, so to speak, which will be fine-tuned from now on.

The individual steps.
  • Analysis
  • Vision and goal definition
  • Positioning
  • Brainstorming
  • Strategic planning

2. Design and Experience

In the second step, we use the previously developed brand strategy to create your digital brand presence with all the subtleties that go with it and an exclusive design that becomes a unique experience for your customers. Your brand design (corporate design) with your logo, your brand guidelines including color palette, typography, icons, visual language and any design elements for your brand as well as all other branding assets see the light of day for the first time. In this phase we also create the prototype of your website and online shop design and your tailor-made motion design concept.

Digital Design & Branding

We create your unique branding with exclusivity and style in design and clearly communicated, authentic values ​​that remain convincing in the mind of your potential customer.

User Interface Design (UI)

Your brand website gets its tailor-made suit here and that certain something for the attention it needs to perform impressively and in the long term.

User Experience (UX)

In this step, we think about what experience your visitor should have on your website and which psychologically well thought-out structure makes the most sense for your target group.

Motion Design

The most beautiful web design doesn't grab you enough if it's just static. We bring in the right dynamics that provide the WOW moment and connects the visitor with your brand.


We develop a holistic prototype of your brand identity, which we keep refining like a diamond down to the last finishing touch.

3. Technology and Development

Let's move on to step 3. In this phase we combine design with technology and bring your digital brand presence to life. The frontend and the substructure of your website are developed, suitable modules for extended functionality are programmed and integrated, while all performance optimization and quality control measures are taken to prepare you for the big wide world.

Responsive Webdesign (RWD)

To ensure that your brand website, your shop and your landing page works flawlessly and efficiently on all devices and looks good, we optimize your brand presence for all device classes.

Web Development

While the design and construction play an important role, the substructure is also of great importance. Performance, function and excellence are built into our framework from the ground up.


Strong performance, a sales-optimized structure for maximum conversion and a first-class experience as well as security throughout the payment process with our shop systems Shopware, Shopify and WooCommerce.

Progressive Web App (PWA)

If a website is not enough and you want to bring the usual app experience to the web, then we develop your digital brand website or online shop in the form of a web app using Node.js and Next.js.


We use the latest content management systems (CMS) and tailor them to your requirements. Factors such as high-end performance, individuality and security are taken into account right from the start.

4. Content and Performance

The last step is to fill your digital brand presence with personal and high-quality content in order to give your potential customers a realistic and personality-based impression. You want your customers to see who they're dealing with, so it's important that you provide insights into your office space, case studies and customer interviews, and your employees at work. Furthermore, we take care of all measures at this point to make your brand presence visible and to recover your investment as quickly as possible.

Content Strategy

In this step we take care of which content has to be produced how, where and for which channels and which creative styles have to be applied in order to effectively reach and address your target group.

Photo Production

Our photographer arrives at the production site with a member of our content team, fully packed with state-of-the-art equipment, and captures the best moments. All content is then processed according to your brand guidelines, prepared and made available for the respective channels.

Video Production

Our video team appears on location, sets up the entire set, instructs everyone involved in their tasks and produces moving images for you that connect emotionally with your brand. In post-production, all content is also cut, adapted to your corporate design and optimized and exported for the respective media channels.

Performance Marketing

What good is the best brand presence if your prospects and customers don't see it? We start the advertising machine, set up your ads including copy and visuals and build you a flywheel that catapults you to the top in no time at all and gets you new customers like on an assembly line - so nothing stands in the way of your scaling.


Our search engine optimization (SEO) experts ensure that your website is optimized technically and in terms of content and that valuable external links to your website are established. For particularly fast results, we fire up the Google Turbo and put you in pole position using search engine advertising (SEA), i.e. Google Ads.

Numerous customers worldwide already trust in us.

In the meantime, several hundred customers worldwide trust us and have successfully walked the path to a professional brand image with us, and the number is constantly growing. We have implemented the entire range of measures for many customers. We started with a detailed strategy meeting to develop the brand strategy. We then raised the corporate design, the brand website and the brand shop to a new level, followed by high-quality, professional photos and image videos that we produced for the customer. Once the brand identity was designed, we went into visibility using performance marketing and built specific, sales-optimized landing pages - all with the aim of increasing brand equity and trust and attracting the right customers and employees to the brand. With our help, some of our clients have managed to convert 5-10 high profile customers per week to their high-priced product or service, some even far more once the paid advertising flywheel has started rolling. If you would like to get more insight into the process of our projects, please take a look at our case studies.

You will get this added value.

You're probably asking yourself now - OK, that all sounds pretty good, but what added value or what advantages do I have specifically when I work with you? That's a valid question. Customers before you have enjoyed and are still enjoying the following benefits.

  • By having a strong brand website, you will increase your perceived value and thus your sales, as you will attract the right customers with an exceptional brand appearance.
  • You will reduce your advertising costs while standing out online as a leader in your industry.
  • You will waste less time in sales conversations as your customers already perceive you as an expert.
  • You will win customers like a conveyor belt, they will be happy to work with you and appreciate your expertise.
  • You will get fantastic employees who are already fans of your brand before they even start working with you.
  • You will have more time for important things because we will digitize and automate the customer acquisition process for you.

Make an appointment for a free consultation.

If you have read this article up to this point, then I congratulate you warmly. Because then you have taken the time to deal with us and the added value for your company. And that's the only way you'll get ahead. You have to understand marketing and branding and find the right key to your success, we as an advertising agency are your partner who serves as a multiplier for your success. If you now find that you yourself have problems with digital customer acquisition, that you find it difficult to communicate your excellence in business to the outside world and thus attract too few or not your ideal customers, or even have problems attracting dream employees, that are fans of your brand and do everything they can to achieve the best results for your clients, then I invite you to make an appointment with one of our experts, because then we can definitely help you. We look forward to getting to know you and helping you online or in person at our design agency in Wiener Neustadt or Vienna.

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