By Anja Rautnig

Avoid branding mistakes - prevent customer losses and skyrocket new customer acquisitions

You need to be unique. Your digital presence, your branding, your web design must clearly set you apart from the competition. You want to attract quality customers and increase your sales? Then professional branding is an absolute priority for you. We have summarized which mistakes you should avoid at all costs.

The wave of digitization has long since reached our corporate landscape and changed it permanently. How products and services are perceived, i.e. product and business branding, is increasingly taking place in the digital field. That's a fact. You can now decide whether your company surfs at the elite top or drowns in a flood of low-quality brand appearances.

Problem #1 : Lack of high quality branding

Your corporate image is your figurehead. Everything your company communicates to the outside world paints the picture of how you are perceived by your target group and is therefore an essential part of your marketing. The photos and graphics you use, your stylistic devices, your wording, your logo and design, your website, your color code, your postings or advertisements but also your physical appearance as a person or your office shape your identity as a company. The problem here is that the importance of high-quality branding is often underestimated. If you want to build loyalty and trust with your customers, the targeted creation of a quality, strong brand personality is absolutely essential. Beware that the consequences of poor branding can be drastic: customers lose trust in your company, and sales losses are imminent. Customer acquisition is even worse. Which customers would invest in a brand that at first glance already reveals itself to be woolly, incoherent or outdated? Probably not very many.

Our Solution #1: Show your quality - always and everywhere!

The wealth of possibilities for your customized, individual branding is enormous. There are no limits to creativity, especially in the digital realm. Create a unique web presence for your brand with an interactive, stylish website and powerful web apps, best by working together with a professional branding and design agency. Next to this, experts, like our PIXIT team, will help you build a comprehensive market and competitor analysis so you can position yourself perfectly. You also want to use social media marketing? No problem for our designers. We provide you with high-end graphics and exclusive design elements, animations and innovative software modules. Wherever your brand name appears, your unique style runs through. You are a quality company at first sight - or rather click - and will attract customers willing to pay much faster. Because if you promise quality, people will want to pay for it.

Problem #2 : Incoherence dilutes your branding

Not only do you want to be perceived as a quality company, you also want to be clearly recognized as such. Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of not communicating in a consistent and clear manner. What starts with the use and placement of logo, graphics and images extends to key phrases, text style, wording and ends with content marketing, advertisements and social media postings. Your design needs to be reflected in every communication channel you use for your business. Whether it's a website, mailing, social media, or away from the digital field - in-person sales calls, for example - a consistent look plays an essential role. If you can't draw a common thread through your brand story, you won't generate recognition value at all.

Our Solution #2: Follow a clear, distinct design line

With a consistent, stylish design that authentically reflects your values and clearly differentiates you from the competition, you are well on your way to securing long-term brand success. If you are recognized by your customers, your brand value will increase and you will have to do less convincing in sales talks. Successful branding is your advance laurels, you are known as a luminary even before you appear in person. Of course, building visibility and recognition of your brand and continuously optimizing your presence is an investment, but in the long run you will save on advertising costs because you will generate more inquiries and your return on advertising spend will be much higher. Book a free appointment with PIXIT now and we will create a unique design line optimized for you. As a professional branding agency in Vienna we are always available for you.

Problem #3 : Lack of target group understanding

Even high-quality, consistent branding is useless if the communication isn't aligned with your target audience. It's like trying to drive a Lamborghini on the surface of water. Looks great for the first 3 seconds, then the luxury car will sink and won't be noticed by anyone. Communication needs to be where it is heard. Who are your customers? How well do you know them? What values do they represent and which of their problems can you solve through your offering? These questions are a central element of every marketing strategy and thus also the basis for your branding. Because only customers who identify with your product or service, who feel addressed, will continue to buy you, recommend you and remain loyal.

Our Solution #3: Analyze your target group continuously

Before you can think about the perfect branding, you need to dive into the world of needs and the emotional value landscape of your customers. Who buys you and why? What values do you need to prioritize? It's possible to find out these crucial data through creative meetings, focus groups or trend analysis. Create your buyer personas and work with experts in a brand agency to develop a clear communication strategy that is perfectly tailored to the requirements of your target group. The communication via social media platforms is particularly exciting, because here you can immediately see the results and reactions and continuously adapt your strategy.

Problem #4 : Inadequate addressing of the target group

But just knowing your target group is not the end of the story. The way in which it is addressed is also essential. Many marketing experts have been in the field for a long time and been influenced by an abundance of technical terms that circulate within their company. Proposed solutions are sometimes presented in an inappropriate technical depth. In the process, content that is presented in an overly complex manner leads to a lack of understanding, frustration and ultimately disinterest on the part of initially interested parties. New customers are driven away. We don't want that. Especially in the digital age, where the attention span of all of us has rapidly decreased, the communication must sit immediately. The design, the form of presentation, the graphics and the text must be perfectly comprehensible to the customer at a glance. The correctness of the content may seem important to the expert, but it is not decisive for the buyer. He wants to know what's going on: in his own language, in the shortest possible time and without misunderstandings!

Our Solution #4 : Adapt information format to the target group

The target group analysis should be prepared so comprehensively that not only the desired customers are analyzed and described as precisely as possible, but also optimized communication formats are determined and set up. How can complex content be broken down so that it can be easily understood by laypersons? What language do your customers speak? Does it make more sense to appear via graphics and videos, or are your customers very intellectual and need detailed, textual content? Our PIXIT design experts will help you immediately to set up an effective, target group oriented communication.

Problem #5 : You seem aloof and detached

Your brand stands for certain values for which your customers appreciate you, but by which you are also measured. Loyalty and customer loyalty do not grow on trees, but with the authenticity with which you meet them every day in your corporate communications. Since a business relationship is also a form of relationship, the emotional component is essential to bind customers to your brand in the long term. Many companies make the mistake of presenting themselves as abstract and detached. But behind every product and every service there is human activity.

Our Solution #5 : Show yourself from your personal side

A look behind the scenes can work wonders. Social media communication in particular makes a lot possible here. A funny photo from the office or a reel video directly from the production hall bring your brand to life, make you tangible and create a direct proximity. Hiding colorful Easter eggs in the storeroom at Easter and photographing the employees searching for them? This immediately creates sympathy, builds a bridge from an abstract company to the people behind it, and thus strengthens your brand value on an emotional level.

Conclusion: Avoid branding pitfalls, increase customer trust and your brand value

Branding is much more than placing your logo on letterheads and a website. Every posting, every mailing, every external communication is registered by customers. If you don't pay attention to this, you will not only lose new customers, but also existing customers, which will result in a painful loss of sales. Customers want to buy quality and must have confidence in your brand. You can only achieve this with a clear, high-quality corporate identity that is perfectly tailored to your target group and emphasizes your uniqueness. This requires sound analyses, creative concepts and a content strategy that is individually tailored to your needs - i.e. the needs of your customers. With a branding agency, you can avoid many mistakes right from the start and accelerate your marketing success significantly, because all the doors of digital marketing are open to you in one fell swoop. Whether innovative responsive web design, web development, e-commerce, progressive web apps or classic photo and video production, our task at PIXIT - as a design agency in Vienna - is to put your company in the best light and clearly stand out from the competition.

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