By Martin Holoubek

This is what the future looks like.

Digitization is progressing at full speed and the resulting ever-increasing market adaptation ensures a higher average quality level for digital brand appearances. The design of modern brands is increasingly characterized by exclusive and puristic styles as well as a touch of futurism, content in the sense of photos and videos is characterized by uniqueness and personality and brand websites are becoming more and more interactive, intelligent and have the task of presenting their own offer in to get to the point in a short period of time in order to attract the right visitors and convert them into paying customers. In order not to lose one's footing here, it is becoming increasingly important to draw a clear line through all brand elements and to continuously develop the branding in order to stand out from the crowd. In the following article, we have picked up 10 digital design trends that will help you attract high-quality customers for your exclusive product like an assembly line and become uncatchable for your competitors.

Exclusivity and minimalism in design.

This is the first and most important point that must be considered if you want to position yourself as a premium brand and stand out from the competition. The market is evolving rapidly, so it's essential for your business to look better than the rest. We already lay the foundation for uniqueness in the brand strategy and then develop an exclusive design that shines through excellence and minimalism and convinces our potential customers of the quality of our products. A flat design with a classy color palette, lots of whitespace and striking design elements paired with a modern typography and icon set and a high-quality design language through all content leads to long-term success with better customers and adequate sales.

Impressive typographic layouts with impact.

Language and writing have always been effective tools for capturing people emotionally and getting them to take action. There are typography studios that specialize in creating fonts that have a psychological effect and help you to differentiate yourself more and more from other companies - the goal is very clearly that you should already be able to tell from the font which brand it is. In addition to styles such as monotype or handwritten styles, there is a rough division into serif and sans-serif font families, which are intended to create a classic image on the one hand and a very modern, puristic image on the other. The trend is clearly the combination of these styles and the use of increasingly creative fonts, such as so-called flared/concave fonts or distorted fonts, which are combined in pin-sharp layouts with different sizes and colors. It is therefore important what many companies underestimate both in branding and in all digital channels - it is important to use high-quality fonts, which are not used by many companies, in an optimal way in your brand image and draw a clear design language through all channels.

Emotional charge through interactive, motion-driven brand websites and shops.

Motion pictures on the web for the right wow moment. Static content such as text, images and videos as well as layout and design elements on the website are impressively presented with subtle animations to emotionally charge your brand and interactions with the user ensure that the visitor on your website connects with you and your brand. The more you want to differentiate yourself from other providers, the more you should invest in motion design - a sophisticated motion design concept that has been thought through down to the smallest detail does not only ensure an incomparable recognition value, but also an emotional experience in a class of its own.

If you want to know what such a design strategy for your brand could look like and which levers we would use for you to acquire better customers and significantly increase sales, then make an appointment for a free consultation with one of our experts online or directly at our design agency in Vienna or Wiener Neustadt.

Think out of the box. Asymmetry, overlaps and broken grids.

While clean lines and symmetrical layouts are still trending and also work well for conversion, you can add a new level of creativity to your branding with some asymmetry, overlapping elements and broken grids. Break the mold with these layout styles and push the limits of your imagination. Combined with smooth scroll animations, you provide the visitor with a spectacle that catapults your perceived value upwards and shows that you are going different ways than the conventional standard.

Immerse yourself in three-dimensional worlds. Really virtual.

The film industry showed us how it works years ago with 3D content, now the web is ready. We dive into deeper, playful three-dimensional worlds and experience first-hand what it feels like to use a product, to have a service serviced or simply to enter the sacred halls of a company virtually. Furthermore, 3D elements are used as design elements or icons in 3D format on the website to create an even more intense, more realistic experience. With modern technologies such as WebGL and GSAP as an animation framework, these elements can be perfectly animated for an unprecedented user experience.

Web. App. Hybrid. Next Level Sh*t.

Web and app merge. The website as you know it runs directly in the browser, can be viewed on all devices regardless of platform and is used for company websites, so-called brand websites, shops, landing pages and platforms. Apps are loaded directly from the App Store onto the smartphone, tablet or computer and usually serve a specific purpose such as creating and editing content or buying products - they are usually smoother to use and offer a better user experience and hardware such as camera, microphone or other sensors of the smartphone can be accessed. In order to combine the advantages of both worlds, a hybrid solution, so-called Progressive Web Apps (PWA), has been created. Web apps are significantly faster than classic websites, but still run in the browser and are therefore platform-independent. You can save the web app on the home screen, use it offline to a certain extent and access the hardware of the device in the app. This can be useful if, for example, you have to upload a photo of your body to an online shop for clothing to determine the exact measurements, or if you are on the train with poor cellular connection and can then place your order offline, which will then be sent to the shop the next time you connect to the Internet. The future clearly lies in this technology, because user experiences are to be made smoother and more pleasant and the complexity of applications and platforms is to be simplified. We at PIXIT jumped on this train a while ago and can only confirm the advantages - faster loading times and better user experience for more customer inquiries and for ranking on Google as well as lower development costs, as one platform covers several channels.

Futuristic brands. Fancy and spaced out.

Electric vibes and futuristic, spaced-out designs are becoming increasingly popular and are being driven by the automotive and aircraft industries. It's about values ​​such as digitization, futurism and sustainability, which should be communicated through modern design languages. In modern e-vehicles, this trend becomes visible through large, interactive touch displays, high-tech & voice control, pulsating ambient lighting in the interior as well as futuristically designed bodies and exterior lighting. In the digital world, it is bright blue and green tones, pulsating animations and floating interfaces that should catch customers and bind them to your brand.

Brand Equity and Trust to the Max.

With design galleries and cases.

Now we come to the heart of the matter and the essential value that digital branding brings to your brand - increasing your brand equity. This can be equated with statements such as "Clothes make the man". The more you stand out from the crowd with your style and appearance, the more attention you will attract and other people will perceive you as competent. If your digital corporate identity convinces across the board with a high level of design affinity as well as clear and precise communication of your offer, your values ​​and stands out from the crowd, then you will not only attract the right customers, but will also be perceived as an expert in your industry. On the brand website, you can constantly increase this perceived value through the right, psychologically sales-optimized structure and elements such as design galleries, case studies with detailed process descriptions as well as customer testimonials in text, image and video form and knowledge-transferring content in the form of blog posts - that's not a nice to have thing, these are things that make a significant contribution to constantly generating high-quality customer inquiries.

Mixed dimensions. Picturesquely real.

The real world and the digital world are merging more and more into one, so that this is also reflected in the design. A big trend in digital design for the coming time is the combination of digital illustrations with real photos as an art element. In this way, serious, less emotional content can be loosened up with paintings, splashes of paint as well as illustrations and positive emotions can be generated. Vivid elements and fun cartoons reinforce and emphasize the contrast between reality and fiction, letting us shape the digital world the way we want it to be.

Illustrations. On point and botanically good.

Graphic design elements, patterns and designs of all kinds have always been a proven way to visually enhance layouts and backgrounds. Elements from nature such as leaves, fruits and plants combined with botanical colors are particularly suitable for branding natural products or for relating a product or service to nature. In particular, geometric precision is avoided and more value is placed on naturalness and imperfection through the human hand in order to make brands shine even more naturally and vividly and to give them a unique touch.

I hope I was able to give you a good overview of which design styles and trends are valuable in order to develop a top-class brand. If you want to know what such a design strategy for your brand can look like and which levers have the greatest potential for you to attract the right customers to your company and drastically increase sales, then make an appointment for a free consultation with one of our experts and work with him to develop a strategy that is adapted to your situation and takes you to the next level.

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