PIXIT is a digital branding design agency, and we help companies with high-priced, complex services or physical products to increase their brand value, position them as experts in their market, and win high-profile customers by taking their digital brand presence to a new level. We primarily focus on developing brand strategy & positioning, creating high-quality brand designs, building an exclusive company website with sales psychology-optimized landing pages, as well as all marketing measures to gain visibility and attract the right customers in a consistent flow. Our method has proven itself multiple times over the years and can also be used to attract qualified employees.

With our spectacular agency start in the United Arab Emirates, where we had the honor of working with successful premium and luxury brands right from the start, we were able to gain valuable experience and learn how the business world works, especially in the high-price segment. Over the past few years, we have also significantly expanded our network of leading experts and collaborate with one of the leading digital business consultancies in the German-speaking world, which specializes in the marketing and scaling of companies in the high-price segment. This ensures we are always supplied with the latest knowledge from the market leaders and can grow entrepreneurially. Naturally, we pass on this broad business knowledge to you in the course of our service so that you can understand the holistic approach and integrate it into your business.

Furthermore, over the last few years, we have successfully applied, perfected and developed our method into a branding blueprint with over 300 companies, which demonstrably leads to drastic results and significant sales growth. Of course, we also use our method as a design agency and constantly develop it to achieve the best possible results and always be at the cutting edge. Convince yourself on our website with a selection of projects and case studies or feel free to contact us directly for further information.

Our proven method is designed to strategically develop your brand, position you as an expert in your market, and create an exclusive, digital brand presence that emotionally charges your brand and magically attracts high-caliber customers. Our method for success is built upon a design-focused and sales-psychology-driven approach, aiming to enhance trust in a brand and foster emotional attachment through an exclusive brand presence. Additionally, we attract ideal customers by continuously analyzing purchasing behavior. The end goal should be that you or your brand becomes synonymous with your industry. Through successful implementation with a variety of reputable companies, we have been able to continuously refine our strategy and gradually expand our set of exclusive design elements for brand designs and brand websites - for a blueprint with impact. We divide our method into 4 steps, also called departments, which are followed in every project.

More information about the departments can be found at: Our Departments

Branding essentially refers to the development of a brand in terms of its identity and design and is an essential part of marketing. It's about how a brand is emotionally perceived and stored in human memory, what values and positioning it represents, and how it appears in media. Digital branding includes, in addition to the strategy, all digital measures for increasing brand value such as your logo and brand design, your brand website, professional business photos and image videos, press work, and generally all digital marketing channels for building trust in your company's representation.

More information on branding can be found in the following blog post: How Branding Supports Your Entrepreneurial Growth

We want to help you build your premium brand and consolidate your expert status in your market using our branding methods. This will help you stand out from the competition and consistently attract the right new customers or qualified employees digitally. In doing so, we will support you in digitizing your marketing and sales processes.

Over the past few years and the consistent support of several hundred clients, there are hardly any industries that we haven't encountered. Even if you are active in an industry that we haven't served yet, it doesn't matter to us. We can help you with a high degree of certainty if you offer a high-priced, complex service or a physical product and you want to attract high-quality new customers and qualified employees. It's best to sign up for a free initial consultation, then we can tell you specifically whether a collaboration with us makes sense.

From developing brand strategy, creating digital brand design, building the company website, producing professional business photos, to implementing marketing measures to increase visibility and digital customer acquisition, we have successfully implemented numerous projects for various brands and companies from different industries. These include, for example, agencies, designers, business consultants, experts, real estate agents, architects, interior designers, car dealerships, private jet renters, automotive tuners and many more. On our website, you will find a selection of projects and case studies we have implemented - if your industry is not listed, just send us a message or call us, then we will help you directly and personally.

More information about our projects and case studies (cases) can be found at: Our Projects

Appointment request
You send us a request via our website for a free initial consultation and answer a few questions about your project.
Preliminary talk
One of our staff members will speak to you over the phone about your concerns and conduct a detailed, free potential analysis with you.
A strategy consultant will advise you individually for 60 minutes on your situation and develop a concept for your brand appearance with you.
Following the initial consultation, there is the possibility that we will start a collaboration and accompany you in the implementation in the long term.

The initial consultation lasts 15 - 20 minutes and takes place over the phone. We get to know each other for the first time, analyze your current situation and find out if and how we can help you. If all the prerequisites for potential cooperation are met and the human component also fits, then you will get a first rough recommendation for a suitable solution and we will arrange an appointment for a 60-minute consultation with one of our experts. That's when we get down to the nitty-gritty - our expert presents our agency, works out a concept for the solution to your problem with you, shows you suitable projects and case examples and answers all your questions. If we decide to work together, we will offer you a collaboration.

One-time projects
At the beginning of the collaboration, you should plan for 2-3 hours for onboarding and the kick-off meeting (strategy workshop). For larger projects and more complex brands, a strategy workshop may last 2 days, but these are special cases, and we will communicate with you in such situations. After each milestone, we recommend a 2-hour meeting, if necessary, to discuss feedback and revisions.

Ongoing support
For ongoing support, such as website maintenance, SEO, performance marketing, or branding and digital design support, we conduct either on-demand meetings or monthly 2-hour update meetings, depending on the specific service and in agreement with the client, to discuss the current status and progress.

For one-time projects, such as creating your branding or website, once the final product is completed and approved, you receive the final deliverable, and you are not bound to any further commitment. For ongoing support, we typically enter into contracts for a duration of 12 months.

In general, you remain independent because we set up the entire environment and infrastructure in a way that all assets, licenses, platforms, accounts, payment methods, and access are created, provided, and booked by you. You invite us as a partner with limited access so that we can provide our services to you. If our paths ever diverge, you revoke our access, and we are offboarded from your systems.

In order for us to provide you with the actual costs, we first need to learn more about your current situation, your challenges, and goals so that we can accordingly advise you and present you with suitable solutions - anything else would be unprofessional. Therefore, it would be best to schedule a free consultation. However, what I can assure you at this point - we have packages that can be adapted to your own situation, so in the end, you pay a fixed package price for the agreed services. There are no hourly rates or hidden costs.

First of all, thank you very much for the compliment, we appreciate it greatly. In general, you don't need to worry. We cater to both small and medium-sized businesses without brand recognition, as well as large corporations and well-known brands - this means we have the right package for every stage.

Yes, you have full control over your accounts. We set up the entire environment and infrastructure in a way that all assets, licenses, platforms, accounts, payment methods, and access are created, provided, and booked by you. You simply invite us as a partner with limited access so that we can provide our services to you. If our paths ever diverge, you revoke our access, and we are offboarded from your systems. This way, we work transparently, and you retain full control.

Absolutely. After the completion of the project, you will receive lifetime access to our agency folder where we store all your branding assets and update them for you as needed. You can also share this link with partners and service providers who require access to your branding assets and guidelines.

Yes, you can manage and maintain your new website yourself. There are two options in terms of website structure. In the first option (recommended), we create the complete web design and program the backend so that you can make changes to the website yourself. However, making design changes or rebuilding pages without an expert may not be possible. We recommend this option because it keeps design and content separate, improves performance significantly, and eliminates the risk of someone incorrectly maintaining the website, which could lead to errors or crashes. In the second option, we build your website using a page builder, allowing you to rearrange or redesign pages using a drag-and-drop interface. However, page builders can impact performance, and the likelihood of errors increases if you're not familiar with proper page structure and webdesign. In some cases, a hybrid approach may be appropriate, where we use option 1 as a foundation and set up a page builder for selected sub-pages (e.g., blog).

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