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Attracting Exclusive Clients with High-Quality Branding

The team led by Martin Holoubek delivers top-notch work when it comes to digital brand building and all related marketing and sales aspects. Questions in the chat and during live calls are answered in great detail, and the experts always have a solution at hand. Through PIXIT's Brand Brilliance Coaching, we were able to elevate our brand presence to a new level, resulting in increased brand value, better clients, and more revenue. We highly recommend the coaching program.

Ing. Andreas Kraus, MSc
A Consultant Who Works Strongly Results-Oriented

Not only top-notch performance in the service but also brilliant advice in coaching. Our challenge was to clarify our positioning, appear as an expert with a high-quality presence, establish systems and processes, and set up a conveyor belt for digital customer acquisition to increase revenue. The PIXIT team helped us with all these topics and implemented installation-ready systems and blueprints with us that worked immediately. Thank you very much!

Manuel Zellnig, BSc
Maze & Friends
The Branding Gurus Strike Again

PIXIT has already successfully supported me in building my mentoring program and digital marketing. To elevate my expertise, my team's, and our customers' to a new level, we booked PIXIT\'s Brand Brilliance Coaching, and I can only give high praise once again. Mega coaching program, very modern and advanced video courses, fast response times in the WhatsApp group, and fantastic exchange in the live calls with Martin and his expert team.

Milan Milić
79degrees AG

Your Coach Martin Holoubek

Als eine der führenden Brandingagenturen bringen wir nun Unternehmern, Dienstleistern und Experten bei, wie sie ihre exklusive Premiummarke aufbauen und automatisiert, digital hochkarätige Kunden und qualifizierte Mitarbeitern finden.

Frequently Asked Questions

Branding mainly encompasses the process of developing a brand in terms of its identity and design. It is an essential aspect of marketing. It revolves around how a brand is perceived outwardly on an emotional level and how it is anchored in people's memories. It also concerns the values and positioning that a brand embodies, as well as its presence in the media. Digital branding refers to all digital measures aimed at increasing brand value. This includes not only strategic considerations but also elements like the brand's logo and design, the company website, professional photos and image videos, media work, and all digital marketing channels that serve to build trust in the company and represent it appropriately.

For more information on branding, you can check out this blog post: How Branding Supports Your Entrepreneurial Growth (in German).

Absolutely not, the course is structured so that even beginners without prior knowledge can complete it without any issues.

In our coaching, the goal is not to increase your workload but to make your work more efficient. However, implementing what you learn does take time. Our recommendation is to allocate at least 4 to 5 hours per week for discussions with the coaches and practical implementation. If you have 3 hours available per week, the coaching is still suitable for you.

Over the past years, we have gained a wide range of experience through continuous support of numerous clients from various industries. There are few industries that are unfamiliar to us. Even if your activities are in an area that we have not served before, this is not a barrier for us. Our expertise particularly extends to high-end, complex services or physical products. If you are interested in attracting high-quality new customers or acquiring qualified employees, we are here to help. We invite you to sign up for a free initial conversation. This way, we can jointly assess whether working with us makes sense for you.

Click on the link to schedule an appointment, sign up for a suitable date on the following page, and fill out the questionnaire as thoroughly and truthfully as possible.
Consultation Conversation
In the strategy conversation, we will assess your current situation, examine your ongoing branding and marketing strategies, and provide an assessment of whether our methods can work for you.
Following the strategy consultation, if we see potential, there is an opportunity to start a collaboration and provide long-term support in implementing the strategies.

Certainly, both CEOs and employees can participate in our coaching program and have the opportunity to ask us questions. However, it is advisable for CEOs to develop a basic understanding of online marketing, as customer acquisition ultimately remains the responsibility of the leadership.

Yes, in principle, it is possible to acquire the knowledge through YouTube videos and self-experimentation. However, it should be noted that this can take years and ultimately be much more costly, as online marketing is extremely complex, and many mistakes can be made when approaching it intuitively. In contrast, we offer you all this knowledge on a silver platter. We have already gone through the hard way and acquired this knowledge over many years. During this time, we have not only invested a lot of time but also substantial financial resources. Therefore, we would not recommend anyone to go the arduous and costly path of self-study. This is precisely why we have launched the coaching program.

Yes, unfortunately, there are many so-called 'experts' and online marketers who do not have sufficient expertise. The subject is extremely complex, and we often see that many agencies and online marketers make promises they cannot ultimately keep. What makes PIXIT unique is that we only teach proven practices that have worked in our own practice. Our primary business field is not coaching, but digital branding, which involves building and marketing premium brands. We acquire real customers through our online channels, and everything we teach in coaching are methods that we ourselves use successfully.

No, digital advertising is not suitable for all industries. That's precisely the purpose of our free initial conversation. In this conversation, we develop a tailored strategy that we would apply in your specific industry. However, we are also honest enough to tell you if online marketing may not be the best option for your industry. You can easily book a free initial conversation using the link below.

No, guaranteeing success would be unprofessional. However, we have worked with many clients and achieved outstanding results. We will provide you with an honest assessment of what you can expect from our collaboration. Of course, there is always a certain degree of risk, and success also depends on your willingness to implement what you learn. Therefore, we cannot provide a guarantee of success.

Our collaboration extends over a period of several months, and for good reason. Successfully implementing branding and online marketing takes time and a sustainable strategy. Anyone who claims to deliver quick success overnight is not credible. On average, our collaboration lasts several months, and we also have clients with whom we have been successfully working for 2 years.

In order to provide you with accurate cost information, we need a comprehensive insight into your current situation, challenges, and goals. This allows us to offer tailored advice and present suitable solutions. Anything else would not meet professional standards. The best approach would be to schedule an appointment for a free consultation. At this point, I can assure you that we offer flexible packages that can be adapted to your individual situation.

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