By Martin Holoubek

Organic visibility and consistent customer inquiries through Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In times of increasing competition and the multitude of digital presences on the internet, one must seek opportunities to gain visibility and clearly stand out and differentiate oneself from the competition. To achieve this goal, there are plenty of meaningful options in the jungle of online marketing to make an outward impact, including the so-called search engine optimization (SEO), which we will delve into in detail in today's post. As an SEO agency in Vienna and Wiener Neustadt, we ourselves heavily rely on this method of generating organic visibility, thereby attracting high-profile clients for ourselves and our customers. Search engine optimization, or SEO for short, refers to the optimization of your website to improve its ranking on Google and, ideally, be suggested as a top result when a potential customer searches for your service, product, or a solution to their problem. In addition to Google, there are other search engines such as BING or Yandex in Russia for which you can optimize your website. However, we primarily focus on Google because it currently holds the largest market share and is the most, if not exclusively, used search engine in our region. Therefore, we can best reach our target audience there. If you are a CEO or business owner, this post is particularly relevant to you because all the topics we will discuss as an SEO agency in the upcoming post are essential for your business success in today's digital world, where adaptability and attention play a significant role.

As an SEO agency, we constantly immerse ourselves in all topics related to search engine optimization and visibility generation. We are committed to the repetitive optimization process to stay up to date and achieve the best possible results. Google alone currently considers several hundred ranking factors for evaluating a website, its domain, authority, and relevance—and the number keeps growing. With each Google core update, numerous changes are introduced, and SEO agencies strive to quickly understand and integrate these changes into their existing SEO process to consistently produce good results. Often, websites experience a significant loss of visibility after such radical changes or major updates, and then gradually rebuild it step by step. These scenarios already demonstrate that SEO is an ongoing process and cannot be accomplished with a one-time optimization, which unfortunately is a misconception that many people have. While it is crucial to establish a solid technical and content foundation during website creation, ongoing optimization is necessary if you want to stay consistently ahead. There is no way around it. Another important factor to consider is that SEO takes several months (on average 6-12 months) to fully unfold its potential. In contrast, with paid advertising on Google or other channels, you can already see initial results within 4-6 weeks. We consistently inform our clients about this so they can allocate their budget wisely and integrate the right measures into their strategy. Therefore, we often recommend that companies, especially those new to online marketing, start with paid advertising first, as it allows us to achieve a higher return on ad spend (ROAS), which means generating inquiries and resulting revenues more effectively. Only then do we embark on the path of organic measures like SEO. As an SEO agency, we generally divide search engine optimization into two primary categories: On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO.


On-Page SEO, as the name suggests, involves implementing technical and content optimizations directly on the website (On-Page). Within this scope, we also consider user experience, as it has a significant impact on rankings. It starts with the technical foundation, where we assess the technologies used, website structure and layout, as well as performance factors such as page loading speed. We also place a strong focus on design, user navigation/customer journey, trust-building measures, and creating a conversion-oriented website layout. After all, what good is high visibility if the website fails to convert visitors into inquiries and paying customers? If there is a solid foundation, optimization makes sense. However, if the underlying structure is not suitable or technologically outdated, redesigning the website may be more beneficial than optimizing an unusable base. We also examine redirects, faulty subpages, and the technological aspects of the content management system (CMS) and its settings. Often overlooked is the entire server-side infrastructure provided by the hosting provider. In the web realm, hardware and software must work together to achieve maximum performance. Regarding content, we evaluate the quality of the content, optimize the conformity of the HTML structure, and optimize graphics, images, and videos to strike an optimal balance between performance and user experience. We optimize all measures related to site performance and Google Core Web Vitals, ensure security (SSL certificate, etc.), review internal linking, assess crawlability of subpages, examine markup (HTML, JSON-LD), and consider international SEO for multilingual websites. The discussed categories and fields are often further subdivided (e.g., Technical SEO, Performance, International SEO, Markup, etc.), but for simplicity, we summarize them under On-Page SEO. For this SEO audit, we utilize a selection of top tools for website analysis and optimization. These tools allow us to evaluate and optimize errors and changes in great detail.


Unlike on-site optimizations, Off-Page SEO focuses on external measures to strengthen trust in the website and domain and improve rankings. It encompasses all tactics and actions that do not involve making changes or publishing content on your own website. The backbone of Off-Page SEO is link building, which involves acquiring backlinks from authoritative external websites to your own website. The authority of the linking website, the number of domains linking to your website, and the thematic relevance of the linking website are crucial factors. You'll be surprised by the various ways in which you can build high-quality links and the effective methods available. Let's start with brand building, which you are already engaged in when establishing your company and brand. Increasing brand awareness generates more external traffic, natural backlinks, and search queries that include your brand name. Google recognizes this dynamic and rewards it. Next is content marketing, which may initially seem like an On-Page SEO measure. Yes, you're familiar with it: blog articles, guest posts, graphics, whitepapers, magazines, and books are all part of content marketing. However, when you provide high-quality content that offers value to your target audience, it automatically leads to content sharing and linking, resulting in more traffic and backlinks. PR (public relations) is often underestimated but proven to be effective. Continuous mentions and publications in relevant media outlets bring visibility and valuable backlinks that improve your ranking. Another game-changer we've found is projects and case studies. By creating detailed studies on how you have helped your clients and the value they derived from it, you not only influence your On-Page ranking but also enhance your value in terms of Off-Page SEO. For example, you can link to your clients, and they will often link back to you. Other opportunities include social media channels, podcasts, or influencers who regularly share your content, thereby increasing your traffic and visibility. Engaging in forums or groups where you can provide value and support potential customers is another strategy. Lastly, don't forget about business directories, company profiles like Google My Business, and many other platforms that can catapult your visibility naturally and in the long term. By implementing these Off-Page SEO tactics, you can strengthen your website's authority, increase traffic, and improve your rankings.

Technical optimization

In any sensible SEO optimization, the process starts with the technical aspects—only when the technical foundation is flawless does it make sense to proceed with further measures. We utilize professional SEO tools to conduct a comprehensive SEO audit, which we then work through step by step. We first examine the technical infrastructure, including the theme used or created, along with all modules and plugins, and assess the currency and quality of each asset and the overall structure. When we create a theme as part of website development, it's a no-brainer because all modules are not only up to date but also of the highest quality, compliant with modern standards. During this process, we review the CMS and its plugins for currency and quality standards, eliminating any weaknesses that negatively impact website performance. From the beginning, our websites are built on high-performing CMS systems that are easy to handle and optimized for efficiency. This means that unnecessary components are excluded—often, we use only the core of a CMS and build the necessary elements ourselves for each specific project. Next, we focus on the technical infrastructure, including the web server, domain, and any hosting-related connections, ensuring optimal synergy between hardware and software. We remove non-existent pages, fix redirects, check internal linking, assess the crawlability of subpages, and implement performance optimizations such as minifying and combining HTML, CSS, and JS files. We also optimize fonts, images, videos, and other assets. Additionally, we implement modules according to the latest standards to significantly improve overall website loading speed. We validate the results using multiple tools such as SEMrush Site Performance and Google Core Web Vitals. Security is also a crucial aspect, which we thoroughly address by considering website modules, infrastructure, and certificates. Furthermore, we fine-tune various other factors to extract the maximum potential from your website.

Content optimization

Once we have sorted out the technical aspects, we proceed directly to content optimization. Again, an audit is conducted at the beginning to determine which existing pages are relevant and rank well, which pages require optimization, which pages need to be created anew, and which pages should be removed. Typically, we develop a comprehensive page concept with a clear and user-friendly page and navigation structure that also convinces Google. This is closely tied to a sales-psychologically sound structure, incorporating trust-building measures that succinctly communicate the products or services you offer and the solutions you provide for your target audience and their specific problems. More details on this will be covered in the following section. We meticulously examine the entire HTML structure of each subpage and optimize it according to the latest standards and guidelines, ensuring that Google and other search engines can interpret and evaluate your content correctly. Often, incorrect HTML elements are used to display various types of content, which can cause significant issues. It is crucial to utilize the appropriate HTML elements, considering the wide range of options available, including headings of different sizes, paragraphs, containers, grids, display and font options, graphics, images, videos, tables, lists, and much more. In addition, we optimize the formats of visual media such as graphics, photos, videos, and audios, compressing the content without visible losses while significantly reducing file sizes. Markup (JSON-LD) is often overlooked but essential. We integrate markups to provide further explanations for various elements of the website, helping Google better understand them. For example, this allows us to depict services, products, the company and its offerings, frequently asked questions, and more (with new elements continuously emerging), making it easier for Google to comprehend them. In the details, there are many more adjustments we make to extract the maximum potential from your website.

Visibility is the key to generating more inquiries and revenue. If you realize at this point that you are currently not acquiring any or only a few customers online due to a lack of visibility and that you could greatly benefit from the support of a professional SEO agency, we are more than happy to lend you a helping hand. Click on the following link to schedule a free consultation online or visit our SEO agency in Vienna and Wiener Neustadt.

Design and User Experience

Now we come to a point that can be a true game-changer once understood and implemented correctly. The best website with all the SEO optimizations will be of no use if potential prospects visit your site and immediately bounce off due to poor quality, outdated design, faulty technology, or overloaded subpages. As an agency specializing in digital design and branding, we utilize our internal design system, which has been developed and tested over the years, right from the creation of your website. This design system incorporates exclusive design elements and motion designs to create a high-quality and visually impactful website with professional photos and videos that elevate your brand value, position you as an expert in your industry, and attract high-profile clients consistently. We focus on creating a conversion-oriented structure and implementing trust-building measures such as projects and case studies, client testimonials, service areas, awards, clients, press mentions, and certifications. Additionally, we include informative sections like a relevant blog or a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section. We have developed our own methodology over the years to determine the optimal structure that converts the best for your specific needs, turning prospects into paying customers. By combining our expertise in digital design, branding, and conversion optimization, we ensure that your website not only looks visually appealing but also effectively converts visitors into valuable customers.

Creating new content with added value

Remember one thing - a website must be dynamic, especially in today's digital landscape. A website that is created and left unchanged is static, not only uninteresting to website visitors but also negatively evaluated by Google. However, this doesn't mean you should make artificial changes just for the sake of it. Such practices make no sense and are seen as artificial by Google. Instead, focus on building subpages that provide high value to your target audience. Update and expand existing pages with new high-quality content. Maintain a blog that encourages your target audience's ongoing education and significantly enhances their knowledge. Additionally, create project pages or case studies that illuminate the entire process of a project, showcasing how collaboration unfolded and the results you achieved. If appropriate, consider adding industry-specific and regional pages to your website, which you can optimize for SEO and design with a focus on generating visibility and inquiries. It's important to know that in this context, continuity is more important to Google than the quantity of posts. For example, if you maintain a blog, it's better to publish one post per month consistently rather than publishing four posts for the domain every six months. In summary, keep your website up-to-date, secure, and continuously create valuable content for significant success.

Last but not least, the Off-Page part, which is very, very important and essential. As mentioned earlier, it involves building high-quality and relevant backlinks to increase your website and domain authority, visibility, and generate high-quality inquiries consistently. We start by conducting a detailed audit to assess your current standing and identify optimization opportunities (including a comparison with your competitors). Following that, we create your company profiles and register your business on relevant platforms, ensuring that you are listed and can be easily found (these platforms also provide backlinks). As part of this process, we provide you with a plan that outlines the specific actions in order of priority, giving you an overview of what will be done and allowing you to actively participate - yes, you can have an influence on some of the measures. Next, we continue to focus on brand building based on the measures implemented so far. At this point, we should have already designed and implemented your branding and overall digital brand presence, which will have a solid impact as you stand out from the crowd and start generating more traffic and customer inquiries. The goal here is to increase your brand awareness and generate brand-related search queries, which Google will view positively. Moving on to the topic of content: we are in the process of creating subpages and blog posts that provide value to your target audience, as well as securing opportunities for guest articles. If it makes sense for your business, we will connect you with partners in the press to build sustainable trust and authority, while also generating backlinks and traffic to your website. Another important aspect that we will take care of is creating case studies and collecting customer testimonials, not only for your website but also for platforms like Trustpilot and Google Reviews, to send additional positive signals to Google. In our action plan, we will also recommend that you become active on social media, podcasts, forums, and collaborate with influencers, sharing content from your website to attract attention and encourage others to share or even link to it.

As you can see, search engine optimization is a broad topic with many possibilities and options that can and must be utilized to achieve long-term success. Once all the modules have been correctly implemented and the gears are working together smoothly, you will have built a system that functions like a well-oiled machine, delivering customers consistently. In reality, there are many more factors to consider and implement in detail to build a professional system for increasing visibility and acquiring customers digitally that truly works and achieves outstanding results. However, if you master the methods and techniques mentioned in this post, you no longer need to worry about attracting high-quality customers or even qualified employees in today's world. If you haven't placed real value on SEO so far, feel overwhelmed by the subject, and currently aren't generating regular online inquiries or rely solely on referrals from your network, I invite you to trust the expertise of a reputable SEO agency. Book a free consultation with our team of experts where we will assess your current situation and develop a customized concept for your digital visibility and customer acquisition together. To schedule a consultation session, click on the following link. We offer both online consultations or, if you are in the vicinity, you are also welcome to visit our SEO agency in Vienna and Wiener Neustadt.

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