By Martin Holoubek

Maximum visibility and omnipresence for drastic success.

Online marketing, also known as digital marketing, has gained significant importance over the past few years, but for many it still remains a mystery, which is largely unexplored or even considered a highly complex science. Of course, it is a wide-ranging craft, which, like any other expertise, must be learned before it can yield sustainable results, however, the topic is often made more complex than it actually is. Online marketing includes all digital marketing measures to bring a brand, specific services, and physical products into visibility, build brand awareness and brand value, and automatically gain new customers as well as employees digitally. Specifically, we are talking about valuable tools such as search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), social ads, content and social media marketing, email marketing, and digital PR - to name a few relevant channels. In the following article, we delve deeper into the topic of online marketing and show you which media we consider particularly important, how they work, and what they are suitable for. Stay tuned and read to the end, because this is a must if you want to remain competitive and successful with your business in the coming years and in the long term.

As an online marketing agency, we naturally engage very intensively with all methods to increase visibility and attract new customers, especially in the digital world. We usually test new tools, techniques, or trends internally until the final refinement and develop a functioning blueprint from them, which we then implement for our clients, so they can use them worry-free and directly start with digital customer acquisition on an ongoing basis. Therefore, after an initial inventory analysis of your company, we can precisely tell you what situation you are in and which marketing measures in which order will have the most effect for you or whether you should even step broadly into visibility. However, it is very important to understand that marketing and the creation of visibility is a continuous process that should - no, must - be pursued more and more intensively with an increasing budget in order to achieve sustainable and long-term success and business growth. In reality, customers need multiple touchpoints with a brand before they make a purchase decision or make an inquiry, so remarketing, that is, the ongoing targeting of people from your target group who have already been in contact with your brand, with relevant advertisements, is crucial so that you remain in their memory and they ultimately inquire with you. For most companies, the use of paid advertising makes more sense, especially in the beginning, as the first results are obtained after 4-6 weeks compared to organic measures, whereas for example with SEO only after 6-12 months - paid advertising is therefore cheaper in the beginning, has a stronger leverage effect and can be scaled much faster and easier. So much for the most important basics that you should have understood at this point before we continue climbing the tree of marketing and go into individual methods in detail.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The well-known search engine optimization, abbreviated as SEO, is the first method for increasing organic visibility and we recommend running it continuously alongside paid advertisements. A solid SEO strategy should already be planned and implemented at the very beginning of developing your website, but that alone is not enough. SEO unfolds its true effect when it is continuously operated by a professional SEO expert or an online marketing agency, as Google in particular now has more than 500 factors that have a significant impact on search engine ranking, constantly change with Google updates, and therefore must constantly be incorporated into SEO optimization so that not only is visibility built up, but it is also maintained permanently. As an SEO agency, we distinguish between OnPage and OffPage SEO optimization. While as a marketing agency, we focus on all technical and content optimizations on the website in OnPage SEO, such as the technical infrastructure, loading times, structure, design & user experience, graphics, images, and texts, our focus in OffPage optimization is on building a high-quality backlink profile to increase the domain and page authority (rank, how high the authority or value of a website or domain is evaluated) and ultimately visibility through high-quality links to your website from websites with high authority and strong added value. Both parts are extremely important to be successful with search engine optimization in the long term.

Search Engine Advertising (SEA)

As an online marketing agency, we of course also strongly rely on paid advertising on Google, also known as search engine advertising or SEA. This term is probably more familiar to you under the synonym "Google Ads", which has been established by Google. The focus is primarily on responsive search ads that are played out when a user searches for a specific term (keyword). As an advertiser in search engine advertising, you therefore only pay when someone clicks on your ad. A special algorithm is used here, which is based on an auction basis and is therefore used for each search query. This algorithm checks the matching keywords, the associated bid as well as some other factors such as the quality and relevance of the ad for the evaluation and ranking of the respective ad to be played out. SEA makes sense in particular when you have an offer that potential customers search for directly on Google and you can appear in the search engine through paid ads in addition to the organic entries. In addition to ads in the search engine, Google also offers the possibility to place ads in partner networks, on YouTube or in the form of display banners on websites. Display ads are particularly suitable for remarketing purposes, so that users who have already been on your website or have otherwise been in digital contact with your brand are continuously served with graphic display ads to become emotionally attached to your brand and to remember you as the primary expert when they are looking for a solution to their problem.

Social Ads (Facebook / Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads, TikTok Ads)

Now we dive into the world of social media networks and look at which channels are available and for which purpose each channel is particularly suitable. In general, it can be said that social media ads, regardless of the channel, are suitable for creating problem awareness in your target group and then accompanying them through all phases of the customer journey until they make an inquiry or purchase. This means that your advertisement appears in the user's feed and triggers them with the worries that preoccupy their thoughts, but which they do not want to admit at this point in time. In the further course, you support them in the decision-making process with customer voices and case studies or show them how your method works and how it can help them achieve their goal. This means that for all stages in which the potential customer is, an ad must be designed that catches them and hits the mark. While many think that Facebook and Instagram are dead, these channels are still excellent for addressing both private and business customers. LinkedIn, also known as the business network, is noticeably more expensive for advertising placements, but you directly and unambiguously address the customers you would like to reach. TikTok is still known to many as a fun and entertainment network for young people, but it is growing rapidly in user numbers and now also contains some entrepreneurs who are present and active there. While TikTok is still very young and therefore organic reach is still relatively easy to build up, you can also place advertisements there according to the same principle as on the other channels, but much cheaper and with a few small adjustments. The trend is strongly towards portrait format videos (Reels, Shorts, Stories) and short, concise, and especially entertaining advertisements that should reach your target group in a playful way, emotionally bind and convince them.

Visibility is the key to more inquiries and revenue. If at this point you already realize that you currently gain few or no customers online and you could more than use the support of a professional online marketing agency, then we are happy to lend you a helping hand. Click on the following link and sign up for a free consultation online or directly at our online marketing agency in Vienna and Wiener Neustadt.

Native Ads (Taboola Ads, Outbrain)

So-called Native Ads have the huge advantage, as the name "native" suggests, that they can be seamlessly integrated into existing communication channels and are hardly distinguishable from editorial content. This means that an ad adapts to the design, structure, and experience of your website and looks like the content you have already created - it is difficult to distinguish whether it is an ad or content created by you. Native ads are often found in trade magazines, blogs, or news portals, like Taboola or Outbrain, for example. We ourselves run our blog posts via Taboola and generate high-quality traffic through relevant trade magazines where our target group is located. Therefore, use these channels and place expert content in these large advertising networks.

Programmatic Advertising

The fully automated purchasing process of digital advertising spaces via an auction in real time and the possibility of targeted delivery of individualized campaigns to the right target group is very trendy. Nowadays, various Ad Exchange or Media Buying platforms allow individual advertising to be placed on the most diverse networks, apart from the well-known ones described above, based on existing and external user data and artificial intelligence (AI). Through programmatic ad platforms, you can start with display and video ads, social and audio ads, and even native ads on premium channels such as websites, magazines, platforms, social networks, streams, radio and TV stations, etc., and precisely target your audience. As an online marketing agency, we are particularly fascinated by this type of advertising machinery and we use it for our internal marketing measures as well as for our customers. Nevertheless, we see this as an advanced discipline that should be pursued once the basics have been implemented and mastered over the long term. It's a very exciting topic - therefore important for you to note and plan into your marketing activities.

Convincing Creatives

Now let's come to the content factors, such as how advertisements or generally all communication channels must be built so that they achieve their full effect. Let's start with the creatives or visuals - this is about graphics, images, or videos that, in addition to the advertising text (the copy), should contribute to motivating a user to take action. Regardless of whether you rely on graphics, photos, or animated content like videos, it is always important that you fundamentally draw a high-quality design line that fits your branding throughout all your communication, choose professional photos that convince your target group, and generally do not overload your ads with content. At this point, you should already have conducted a detailed target group analysis and created accurate customer avatars - this helps you to speak to your potential customers in a targeted way with graphics and images, to trigger them through their real worries and fears, and to present them with the appropriate solution or the right product. In general, all advertising platforms love it when you show off with animated content in the form of videos or animated graphics and rank you better; you also stand out more with your subjects in the mass of advertising. Therefore, make sure that you use appealing design elements, impressive typography with strong headlines, emotionally engaging photos and videos, as well as animated graphics and explanations, to clearly distinguish yourself from your competitors and to convincingly persuade your visitors of your premium offer.

This requires a special commitment to target group analysis and a lot of attention to detail in creating your creative content, but it has an extreme impact. If you find this exciting, but prefer to focus on your core business or even want to avoid further cost-intensive self-experiments without real sustainable success, then get professional support from an online marketing agency that has years of experience in digital new customer acquisition and is as proficient in the topic as you are in a business. Click on the following link and sign up for a free consultation online or directly at our online marketing agency in Vienna and Wiener Neustadt.

Sales-driven ad copy

Copywriting, another extremely important point, if not the most important. Many advertisers rely on short and concise texts that communicate their services and tell how great they are, and then wonder why they don't achieve drastic success. As already mentioned earlier in this post, there is no way around a detailed audience analysis and the creation of customer avatars, so-called buyer personas, because you must know and understand your target group better than they do themselves. It really is like this, be aware of this fact and it doesn't stop, because your target group also changes, so you must always expand and sharpen this understanding of your target audience over and over again, so that you don't communicate in the wrong way. Once you're solidly set up here, you need to formulate ad texts that primarily address your customers' pain points, intensify them emotionally and position you or your offer as the savior in distress. Bring your positioning and suitable case studies into play and focus primarily on a value communication instead of a performance communication, because your customers are interested in the nail in the wall and not the hammer or the nail. You can add your service or your tool into the mix when it becomes relevant for your customers and is also understandable. Engage in storytelling, show that you understand your customers or the situation they are in and can empathize with their concerns because you have experienced them yourself. Give an insight into your method or your solution and describe what a joint collaboration could look like - and of course, don't forget the correctly placed call to actions. We always use our multi-stage model of sales psychology in marketing to produce advertising texts of any kind and for all possible channels that really work sustainably and seriously ignite. Therefore, it's important for you to remember and implement this.

Sales-optimized Landing Pages

All the methods we've discussed up to this point aim to massively increase your visibility and bring you a wealth of potential new customers to your channels, especially your website. However, if your website does not align with your overall brand presence, your ads, and your overall communication, your built-up reach won't do you any good, because your visitors will bid farewell to your website directly and visit the competition if they don't feel well catered for with you. So make sure that in addition to a high-quality brand website, you also build a sales-optimized landing page that, like your ads, addresses the pain points of your audience and convinces them of the quality and value of your offer in several stages. In the end, it's the sensible combination of an exclusive brand website and one or more sales-optimized landing pages that allows you to win customers on a conveyor belt.

Funnels and Automation

Another enormously important point that many underestimate but which must be planned in order to be able to scale your marketing process. A marketing funnel is essentially nothing more than a model that maps the entire journey of your customer from first contact with your brand to the actual buying decision. This allows us to divide the entire process of the buying decision into several stages or phases and deliver the right message to the customer at every point in time so that they become more and more convinced of our brand or our offer and make a purchase with us. It is important to include and link all relevant marketing channels and platforms, otherwise individual island solutions will be created that generate leads or prospects for themselves, but are not available elsewhere (e.g., in CRM for sales). Connecting all platforms also requires setting up automations so that, for example, data matches are carried out, actions are triggered or new processes are started. An example of this could be that you set up targeted ads with links to special landing pages for the individual stages where a customer is located, which transport leads into a CRM. In parallel, you have a company appearance that also wins leads and is connected with your landing pages. Additionally, for example, you have a campaign running for your report that builds email lists, a funnel for ordering your book or selling video courses, which, after payment following a purchase, directly creates and sends access to your learning platform and unlocks the course for the buyer. For every buyer of this course, further courses or products could then be automatically advertised, again with their own landing pages and sales can already see how complex you could build this marketing machine.

As you can see, many gears play together here, which in sum then result in a functional machine that delivers customers to you on a conveyor belt. In reality, there are many more factors in detail that need to be considered and implemented in order to build a professional system for digital customer acquisition that really works and achieves outstanding results. However, if you master the methods and techniques mentioned in this article, you will no longer have to worry about high-caliber customer acquisition, as well as the acquisition of qualified employees, in today's time. If you haven't yet placed any real value on online marketing, are currently possibly not generating regular inquiries through it, or are even still relying on recommendations from your network, then I invite you to trust the expertise of a renowned online marketing agency and book a free consultation with our team of experts, in which we will look at your current situation and develop a customized concept for your digital customer acquisition together with you. To do this, click on the following link and schedule an appointment for a consultation session. Online or, if you are nearby, also at our online marketing agency in Vienna and Wiener Neustadt.

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