By Michael Jagersbacher

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an increasingly important part of our private and professional lives. As a design agency for digital branding in Wiener Neustadt, we always have our finger on the pulse for our customers and actively deal with the topic of AI and Co. Above all, we scan the market for those AI solutions that really help you as a brand.That's why it's important for us to understand what AI means for your business and how it will change the future of your company. In one of our previous blog articles, we described the general trends in professional digital brand building. However, in this article, we'll show you which AI tools will help you improve your results and save money and time.

What is AI (=Artificial Intelligence)?

Artificial intelligence is a relatively young field of research. It began in the 1950s when scientists tried to build computers that could mimic human intelligence. Since then, AI research has evolved in many different areas, from games to robotics to medical diagnosis.

AI describes the ability of a computer system to mimic human abilities such as problem solving, decision making, creativity and learning. It encompasses a broad area of research that deals with the development of algorithms and techniques that enable a computer to solve complex tasks that normally can only be performed by humans.

One particularly interesting area is learning. Artificial intelligence is characterized by the fact that it achieves better and better results over time, in all the areas in which it is used. In other words, the better you train it with high-quality input, the better results it will deliver over time.

Why AI is important for your business

As you've probably noticed in the discussions around Chat GPT and co, AI tools are becoming an increasingly important part of our lives. By now, these tools have advanced to the point where they help us complete a variety of tasks faster and more efficiently than humans ever could.

Artificial intelligence can, for example, collect and analyze data to help us make decisions. Germany's first digital headhunter - Headfound - is already using various AI tools very efficiently to find suitable employees who match the requirements profile of the searching companies 100 percent. Interviews with the employees found are also conducted with the help of AI tools, with the presentation adapting to the viewer's needs in real time. The completion rate is correspondingly high.

How AI is changing the future

As a digital branding agency, it's clear to us that AI will change the future of all of us by opening up new opportunities to improve the quality of our lives. Above all, AI will help increase our productivity by helping us automate certain tasks and showing us even better and faster ways to achieve our goals. By being able to outsource time-consuming routine tasks, we can focus on the core tasks of our business.

Ironically, then, the use of AI applications will lead to an increasing focus on the human factor by freeing up time for personal consultations. Headfound, which we mentioned earlier, is so successful not because it uses AI tools, but because those tools allow it to invest a lot of time in face-to-face consulting.

If you want to know how we as a digital agency use AI profitably for our clients, feel free to contact us.

General AI applications

AI is already being used in many different applications today, and its scope is growing almost daily. Examples include autonomous driving, speech recognition, machine learning and robotics. So AI is much more than writing text or creating images. The AI tools already available range from simple algorithms to sophisticated neural networks. They can be used to analyze data, recognize patterns and make automated decisions.

AI applications are used, for example, in the automotive industry to control vehicles or machines, in medicine to diagnose and treat diseases, and in the entertainment industry to create content. In addition, AI is increasingly used in customer service to process requests faster (chatbots) and increase customer satisfaction.

AI apps for your business

AI can be a great help for your business if you bring the right tools to bear and if you are also professional with these tools. So, to a large extent, success depends on your expertise. This is true for both creating AI images or creating AI texts and for all other areas listed here. Here is a short list of the most exciting areas of application and AI tools for your company.

Audio and Video AI Tools

If you need audio and video content for your marketing, these AI helpers are very useful.

  • VoicePen converts audio into excellent readable text.
  • Beatoven: This tool lets you create music using artificial intelligence.
  • Cleanvoice: A must-have for podcast fans: An AI tool that automatically edits podcast episodes.
  • Vidyo: This tool helps you filter out short and exciting videos from longer sequences and cut them together.

Design AI tools

If you want AI support in the visual area, there are already a number of new programs that can help you.

  • Flair helps you create custom branded content.
  • Illustroke has the ability to generate high-resolution images or graphics from text passages.
  • Looka helps you create your own brand.

Content AI tools

Writing gripping, inspiring and exciting texts is almost inevitable if you want to build a brand. It's no wonder, then, that the demand for AI-powered copywriting tools is so high.

  • Copy develops texts that are designed to convert.
  • Ocoya helps you develop and publish social media content to increase your reach.
  • Unbounce Smart Copy composes mails that target a high open rate.
  • Chat GPT can be a fantastic support for business strategy development. When combined with human expertise, the interaction between humans and machines can reach entirely new levels of creativity, such as in basic strategy development, creating a customer avatar, or name development.

These are just some of the AI tools that can help you build your digital brand professionally. The success of these tools solely depends on your ability to give the right instructions and ask the appropriate questions to achieve the desired goal. Hoping that Artificial Intelligence will do all the work for you is a misconception.

If you need help with your strategy development, feel free to contact us.

Potential disadvantages of artificial intelligence

The advantages of this technology are obvious. Nevertheless, as a design agency for digital branding in Wiener Neustadt, it is important for us to also shed light on the downsides of AI.

AI is by no means the solution to all business problems. Rather, we have to learn how to deal with these new tools properly. The principle of "garbage in - garbage out" still applies. If Chat GPT is not "fed" with the right questions, adequate answers cannot be generated. In addition, AI is not empathic and can put statements or instructions in the wrong context, which in turn leads to negative results. Under no circumstances should you rely only on the results of various AI tools, but always do your own research so as not to make a mistake that can cost many customers and thus a lot of money.

The ideal approach to make AI tools useful for your business is to critically examine the new technology and thus understand what really adds value or what is perhaps just a short-lived trend. We are happy to provide you with advice and support.


AI tools can be a fantastic tool for branding, customer acquisition and retention if used correctly. Applications in this area are becoming more sophisticated, but also more complex to use.

If you want to get the most out of AI applications, you should consult with experts in the relevant fields. Without this expertise and know-how on how to achieve optimal results with artificial intelligence, even the best AI application will not perform satisfactorily.

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