Currently, the audio-only app Clubhouse is receiving an incomparable hype. Clubhouse is storming the social media ladder and saved a solid spot in the Apple Appstore trends: Unfortunately, Android users have to stay on hold for now. This “Apple exclusive” is not offering classical social media elements like likes, comments, pictures, or other interactions. On the contrary! This app is limiting the users’ possibilities to communicate through audio only. That way Clubhouse successfully created a unique user experience. What’s all about Clubhouse? It is really the next big thing? We are going to show you in this article!

Exclusive, more exclusive, Clubhouse

Of course, everyone wants to try out this new App by themselves. But as for now, the app is not available for android users. To sign up in Clubhouse you will need a personal invitation from someone you know. That way, people are even more excited about when they are finally able to use this app. At the same time, this exclusive character adds up to the already major hype factor, isn’t it?

Audio-Only: Less is more?

The app cleverly uses the current popularity of podcasts and creates an unprecedented user experience: Similar to podcasts you can listen to exciting conversations – except now you can join in and be a part of them!

Then again, Clubhouse limits the possibilities of participation: You can’t write comments and distribute likes. Video livestreams cannot be started either. The only tool you can use is the microphone. This encourages users to actively contribute to what is happening and not just listen passively and leave a few comments.

Moderators, speakers, listeners

To create an enjoyable audio-only app experience without vocal battlefields, Clubhouse is offering moderators. They can give listeners who express the wish to speak - through a digital hand signal - the chance to speak and thus turn them into speakers.

Moderators can also block users from speaking. Generally, moderators are responsible for leading the discussion and allowing people to speak in a fair way. However, it is also their responsibility to intervene if something goes too far.

Clubhouse: Facts and features

  • Currently only available on iOS
  • App is already extremely valuable after a short time (current estimation: $4 billion)
  • App registration only possible by invitation
  • Audio-only principle
  • Democratized podcasts - everyone can be a part of it and have a say!
  • Moderator-speaker-listener system: Moderators can grant the floor to speakers or withdraw it and moderate the conversation
  • Social media app with podcast character
  • App for android in the making
  • Monetization is already partially possible
  • 13 million downloads by march
  • Based in Silicon Valley

Not that new: Hype delayed

Although the app is experiencing its first major hype right now, it hasn’t been released just recently. It first saw the light of day in the social media world in early 2020.

With the beginning of the first Corona lockdown, the developers could not have chosen a better release time. First people to be interested in Clubhouse were financial experts and start-ups. Nowadays, the number of users is increasing slowly but steadily!

Facebook wants a piece of cake

The app was estimated extremely valuable early on: With only 1,500 users at the time, a value of $100 million was assumed. Not many apps can show similar results!

Today, the developers estimate the value at $4 billion. Although the app can’t replace an established social media app with its unique concept, Facebook still wants a piece of the cake.

So, they came up with their own clubhouse idea and announced, “Live Audio Rooms”. Presumably, the service will be implemented into - the somewhat out of fashion - Facebook. Reddit, Spotify, and LinkedIn are apparently also working on a competing product.

Android users can relax: Android version in the making

Competitors never sleep and probably aim to launch their own clubhouse alternatives on Android and iOS. Especially with the published beta version of the competing product “Spaces” by Twitter, a race against time begins for the clubhouse developers.

However, contrary to the prevailing assumption, that the Android app would still take several months to see the light of day, a developer of the app posted a promising screenshot that Android users can be incredibly happy about:

In the screenshot you can see the developers’ clubhouse profile - recorded on an Android mobile phone. So, there’s hope for a soon Android launch as it seems to be right around the corner.

Auch Promis springen auf den Trend auf

Im englischsprachigen Raum sind öffentlichen Clubhouse-Account von Superstars bereits Gang und Gebe. So sind beispielsweise der Rapper Drake, das Model Paris Hilton und die Fernsehmoderatoren Oprah Winfrey ganz vorn dabei und sorgen damit für noch mehr Hype.

Doch auch im deutschen Raum gibt es durch Comedian und Fernsehmoderator Joko Winterscheidt Promi-Support. Durch die Neuheit der App und der im Vergleich zu anderen sozialen Netzwerken relativ niedrigen Nutzerzahl, ist es gar nicht mal so unwahrscheinlich, mit einen der Berühmtheiten im gleichen Raum zu landen. Dies scheint für viele Menschen noch ein weiterer Grund zu sein, sehnlichst auf eine Einladung zu warten.

Celebrities are catching up on the trend

Public Clubhouse accounts for celebrities are already established in the English-speaking area. Rapper Drake, model Paris Hilton and TV host Oprah Winfrey are just a few examples that are generating even more hype around Clubhouse.

However, even in the German area there is support for the App through TV host and comedian Joko Winterscheidt. Due to the recency of the app and the relatively low number of users – in comparison to other social media networks – it’s not unlikely to end up in the same room as one of these celebrities. For lots of people this seems to be another reason to longingly wait for an invitation to join Clubhouse.

Clubhouse for companies: Chance or Disappointment?

Along with celebrities and other individuals, more and more companies are also seeing Clubhouse as a new marketing platform. Companies can show off and generate more reach through topics and discussions in the role of experts.

But: Stay away from boring sales talks! Users who use this platform don’t want to be bombarded with the “best” and “latest” offers. They want to get in touch with a company and have conversations as equals.

Therefore: As a company you can present yourself as an expert in your field: Not only does this promote your reach – it also raises awareness for your brand and peoples’ trust in your company.

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