All creatives know the struggle for the best and fastest software out there. Therefore, it is no surprise that software companies are competing against each other with better features and lower prices. SumoPaint, GIMP, Corel, Magix and many more: All of them are offering similar features as well-known Adobe products. But still: Adobe sits on the design throne and is loved by companies and creatives as well. The Adobe Creative Cloud 2022 is offering following essential products: Premiere Pro, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, InDesign and – of course – Photoshop. Those apps are perfect for video and photo editing as well as layouting for magazines, brochures, and other printable products. That’s why we are taking a closer look at the core apps and are showing you, why the Adobe Creative Cloud 2022 is still the Queen of all editing softwares.

Photoshop: The Queen of photo editing

This unchallenged ruler of all photo editing apps is an absolute must-have for every company and every creative: Photoshop. Photoshop is known for everything you need in professional photo editing but can also be used for digital art and webdesign. That’s why Photoshop is still the Queen of photo editing.

The applications where you can use Photoshop:

  • Photo editing: The core business of Photoshop
  • 3D pictures: You can create 3D graphics für online and offline purposes in Photoshop
  • Ideas: Photoshop can be used very well for concepts, story boards and breath-taking collages

Premiere Pro: Video editing for everyone

With the video editing software Adobe Premiere Pro you are getting modern features which will add the special spark to your videos. This app is the best software for cutting YouTube videos, music videos and company projects.

But Entrepreneurs will also love Premiere Pro because it is the perfect tool for marketing videos which will boost companies. Did you know? Even movies are partially edited with Premiere Pro!

Premiere Pro is not only known for its features: The interface is really easy to understand and to learn, especially because of the remarkably similar look across all the adobe programs. Nevertheless: Premiere Pro is a high-quality video editing software and can be used in a private and professional environment.

Illustrator: The wonders of graphic design

Adobe Illustrator is the currently leading graphic and illustrating app and was released in early 1987. Illustrator is optimized for vector editing and perfectly integrated into the adobe eco system.

Illustrator is encouraging a better workflow – especially if you use Adobe apps anyways. But what is so special about Illustrator? With this tool you can create designs which are completely scalable in size as the app is not working with pixels but with vectors.

Especially companies will profit off this feature as you only need one design which is scalable and usable for all possible causes, such as T-Shirts, coffee cups, pens or websites and business cards.

InDesign: The love of every editor

Adobe InDesign is a well-known professional layouting software and is perfect for writing, editing and layouting documents which are going to be published later – online or offline.

You can edit scientific essays but also recipes, poems, novels, magazines, flyers, books, and much more. InDesign will ease the formatting process but is also offering every feature needed usually offered by professional and very costly publishing companies.

You will love InDesign if you are a passionate writer with a creative soul who wants to publish by yourself. But companies can profit off InDesign, too - by saving time and money which would usually go into publishing companies.

Dreamweaver: Make (online) dreams come true

With Adobe Dreamweaver you will get a webdesign software with its own HTML editor as well as JavaScript and CSS compatibility – all in one.

The easy-to-use coding engine will allow programming for unexperienced people, too – That way, your personal and professional website is only a step away!

With this incredibly flexible software you can fulfil all of your webdesign dreams and create a perfectly individual and responsive website.

You want to start with a professional blog? No problem! You want to start an online shop in a modern and professional style? Dreamweaver will make it happen. Its professional features are loved and used by companies and professionals in every industry.

Apple M1 processor is boosting the Adobe Creative Cloud

Apple has been using Intel processors for an exceedingly long time. But since a few months they are using their own M1 processors. It might not seem to be a lot, especially since all Adobe apps had to me optimized first, just to function properly on new Apple computers.

But the work was worth it: Nowadays the Adobe Creative Cloud is running 1,5 times faster on M1 processors than on Intel processors. Therefore: Who wants to save time and work efficiently, is going to want a M1 processor by Apple.

You will see the better performance especially when opening multiple apps. For example: You are rending a video in Premiere Pro and want to create a perfect thumbnail in Photoshop and Illustrator. No problem with the Apple M1!

That’s where you will experience the full power of M1 by Apple. While other computers will suffer from high loading times, the M1 will just work through it.

Mobile working with iPad Pro and creative apps

Nowadays a lot of people are working remote from home. For that you will not need a fully equipped desktop computer. For creative processes you can only use an iPad Pro where you can download and use a lot of Adobe Creative Cloud apps.

Unfortunately, you are not able to use ALL of the apps on your iPad. But you can use Photoshop (Express, Camera, Mix, Fix), Lightroom, Premiere Rush, XD, Spark, Aero, Fill & Sign, Fresco, Comp, Illustrator Draw, Capture and Connect.

The biggest pros of mobile working on your iPad Pro are the mobility and the flexibility. You can use every critical app with the Apple power and the Apple pencil! It doesn’t matter where you are. The only thing you need is an established internet connection!

Creative Cloud for teams

The Adobe Creative Cloud 2022 for teams, enables easier workflows and more efficiency for friends and colleagues! That way, you can assign and move all necessary licences.

Additionally, you have access to an extremely large pool of professionals through Adobe Teams. That way, every team member is getting a 1 Terabyte storage where they can store all their work, concepts, notes, and much more.

Also, every team member has access to Adobe Stock photos, where they obtain all rights and licenses for pictures and graphics automatically. That way you can avoid legal feels and are always safe!

To create an even easier communication, Adobe Creative Cloud 2022 for teams is offering a Microsoft Teams and Slack integration. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Creative Cloud for teams has been evolving into a real lifesaver for companies, teams and projects which can be finished over the internet: Just the same way as it would be done in a real office.

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