By Anja Rautnig

What business wouldn't want that? Continuously increasing order numbers, a smooth booking process, secure payment processing and overly satisfied customers.

Your web presence is the key to this. Why not use it? Of course, many things contribute to business success. But this essential key element is all too often underestimated in its power: digital branding. You can launch the best and most innovative product, but without a digital representation of it, you're unlikely to attract new customers. Two years of Corona have given an extra boost to the digital world, which was already rapidly evolving. Don't worry, you're not alone in this race. We'll show you how to increase your brand value and recognition through digital branding with our PIXIT experts.

Everything and everyone is going digital. According to statistics, 99% of all companies in Austria are digitally connected, which means all but a few analog stoics. We work online, we party online and we shop online. Digitization is in full swing.

The only question remaining is, are you?

When the 2020 pandemic measures hit in full force, with stores closed for weeks or allowed to open only on a very limited basis, it immediately became apparent which entrepreneurs were able to continue their business in a crisis-proof manner. It were those who relied on online sales. The Internet can do much more than just provide customers with all the important information about your product quickly and easily. Even if that alone represents a great deal of added value.

But beyond that, all business processes can be handled digitally, from the ordering process to payment and goods logistics during shipping. This saves you nerves, work and mountains of paper. All these services can be offered via your website with a suitable eCommerce tool. The simplest option is a web store. The customer can buy directly on your website. If the webshop looks good, the price is right and the payment is easy to do, you will be able to attract new customers quickly. Last year, eCommerce in Austria reached an impressive record value of over 10 billion euros!

And don't underestimate this little super-computer that everyone carries in their pocket these days. A whole 2 billion euros in e-commerce sales are attributable to smartphones. We are more mobile than ever before, always available, always ready to use a 5 minutes break for surfing the world wide web. The smartphone is our constant companion. No wonder that purchases via mobile commerce are increasing massively. Last year, over 60%. And the trend is still going steeply upwards.

Increase your chances of business success with digital marketing

No matter what product or service you offer, your chances of business success will be greater if your customer finds you on their smartphone - and loves what you are representing there. That's a key point. Just as important as being in digital marketing is having an absolutely clean, appealing and outstandingly attractive presence.

Who will believe you that your product promises quality if the representation of it on the screen is only a weak imitation of reality? Blurry images, an incomprehensible menu organization, an outdated typeface and design, these are all factors that will immediately drive away your virtual customers. No matter how good your product itself is. If the presentation doesn't fit, trust is gone, or doesn't even arise in the first place.

Whereas with a well-maintained website, the exact opposite is the case. The customer feels comfortable on the website, he understands it, finds what he is looking for without any problems, ideally even finds more than he is actually looking for and is enthusiastic about the photos and texts. They can visualize the product or service and the interested shopper easily makes the internal decision to buy. As it takes only one more click until the actual purchase, the money is quickly transferred and you have immediately won a customer.

Increase your brand and recognition value, improve your image and increase your influence with digital branding. Years of experience and a team full of creative minds are always at your disposal at PIXIT to take your digital branding to the next level. The online market is merciless and a stylish, authentic presence, designed by professionals, is your best ticket to attract high-value customers without headaches and countless unsuccessful selfies.

Always be aware: Your website is an essential resource for your business

The Website is your business card, your figurehead, your prima donna. It can tell the customer "We are innovative, modern and offer quality" or it warns him "We live behind the rhythm of time and are not motivated to adapt". Surely the former option would be more yours, right? If the website is well done, then your products or services will be instantly discoverable on the Internet, ahead of other comparable offerings, as if they were in a damn fine storefront surrounded by dusty and uninteresting boutiques. It will stand out. Your website will attract the right customers for your premium product or service.

The user at home in front of the PC doesn't want to get off your page, that's how excited he is about what he sees. Of course he wants to discover everything you have to offer. He clicks through your products, recognizes your expert status, orders and is very persuaded about what he just bought. And what's even better - he recommends you. With a simple click. So immediately this effect multiplies. You relax, you no longer have to deal with towers of paperwork, no more tons of print flyers. Let the Internet play out it's charm.

But for the magic to work, your online presence has to be modern and adapted to the current standards of online marketing. Because the competition is merciless. In less than 1.5 seconds, the user has decided whether the page appeals to him. And immediately he clicks on to the next provider - or not.

You think this is a phenomenon for young people? But your customers are more in the over-40 range and therefore all that you have read up to this point has no meaning for you? Completely wrong! It is precisely the 40+ generation that has discovered eCommerce for themselves in the past Corona-ridden years. It's not me who is saying that, it's coming from the top pro, Harald Gutschi. And so it will continue. The digital transformation is happening. You can decide now what role you will play in it. Don't miss the chance to increase your company's brand value by putting your products and services in the best digital light. Be the most attractive online storefront and attract the right customers to your site.

"Throughout Austria across all age groups and income levels, eCommerce and the importance of online presence for businesses is on the rise. Three quarters of all Austrians have shopped online in 2021."

Harald Gutschi, UNITO Managing Director as well as Vice President of the Trade Association and Head of the "Mail Order, eCommerce & Marketplaces" Platform

You will see that the effort is worth it: You will gain more and better customers who are willing to pay more money for your premium service or premium product. And that for the same or even less effort. Curious? You want to see what is possible? Then visit our Website and click through a selection of successful PIXIT projects that show how our clients have been able to increase their brand value and achieve long-term success through their digital brand presence, i.e. through a modern website and appealing, consistent branding as well as high-quality content.

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