By Anja Rautnig

Our world is becoming more digital, more dynamic and more networked. Every day, more and more data flows through increasingly specialized digital information channels, which reach us on PCs, laptops, tablets and, for the most part, on smartphones. According to recent studies, Austrians spend an average of one and a half hours a day surfing on their smartphones. For companies, this means either a great opportunity or a merciless challenge.

„Digitization will not "pass," it is not just any technological trend. The most that will pass is the thought that it will pass.“

Michael Pachmajer

Why digital presence is becoming indispensable for your business

The study „Future Commerce – [Handel] 2025“ provides insights into the market trends of the next few years and they are all heading in the same direction: increasing digitization, for example through new assistance systems, automated chat bots or innovative web shops. So, if you want to hold your own in the market in the future, you have to establish a high-quality digital presence and clearly stand out from the competition through quality in web design. This particularly affects providers of premium products and services. Those who ignore the urgency of digital transformation run the risk of suffering enormous revenue losses due to customer defection, and new customer acquisition will stutter along like an engine on its last miles.

After all, customers don't waste time with website loading errors, incomprehensible text passages or pixelated images. The value of the brand must be recognizable at first glance, inspire trust and appeal to the customer emotionally. With the right digital branding by a professional advertising agency, you get the best ticket to long-term success for your company. We at PIXIT Design help you on the way to address your desired customers and to fully exploit the enormous opportunities of digitalization for you. Do not hesitate to ask for an initial consultation, in which we discuss your wishes and options free of charge. Our design agency for digital branding and web design in Vienna and Wiener Neustadt opens its doors to you at any time.

Step 1: Web design as basis of your customer loyalty

Never underestimate the importance of a high-quality brand website for your business. It is your flagship, your basis for all further digital marketing steps such as advertising or social media campaigns and thus essential for the success of your digital presence. If you want to be perceived as a professional, then present yourself as such. A website with a unique image and text style, spiced up with high-end photos and visuals, not only makes you stand out from the crowd, but also makes you clearly recognizable.

This is the basis for your individual, holistic design strategy, which must run like a thread through your corporate communication. With specially designed performance ads that use your branding photos and visuals, you are immediately recognized by your target group and thus consciously draw the attention of potential customers to your product or service. Your brand equity grows by itself when you drive a clear, attractive design line that perfectly matches your company profile and values. In these times of information overload, customers want one thing above all: authenticity. The more your customers feel addressed by your website, your postings and videos, the more emotionally charged your brand will become, ensuring flourishing sales figures through loyal customers in the long term.

A professional web design is key to attract high profile customers in the digital field and target the right internet users to your online marketing campaign. This is exactly the expertise with which we can perfectly support you as a digital advertising agency. We help you build your presence, polish your brand with high-end graphics and photos, and deliver exclusive PIXIT branding assets that make your brand website absolutely unique.

Step 2: KISS – Keep it short and simple

Besides appealing graphics and professional photos, text elements are absolutely crucial for the success of your website and further digital marketing activities. Here, one thing applies above all: less is more. Because the attention span of readers on the Internet is a few seconds to a few minutes, and the trend is downward. Companies cannot afford to waste space on the website for unnecessary detailed information, to publish texts in an inappropriate style or simply to communicate past the target group. Every sentence must fit, the wording must be tailored to the brand's overall marketing line, and the website must be effectively optimized for SEO in the long term. The better the interested user finds his way around your website, feels addressed and remains curious, the more you will be remembered and the chances of a purchase decision will tilt in your favor.

This effect is further enhanced if you manage to inspire confidence in your premium product or service, for example via case studies, customer reviews or interviews. In addition to a sales-psychologically optimized structure of your website, we at PIXIT also work with you to develop individual presentation options to perfectly showcase your brand. For example, through visual effects, explainer videos or image reels. The art is to reduce a wealth of possible information to the essentials and to make your customers want more with the golden quintessence of your quality offers, to arouse curiosity, to build trust and to clearly emphasize your expert status.

Step 3: Backbone technology: Only flawless functionality creates trust

Losing customers has never been easier: slow loading times, broken links, unclear menu bars or display errors on the website quickly scare your customers away. In addition, different output devices, from laptops to smartphones and tablets, require adapted formats: Depending on the screen size, all content must be adapted and optimized. A user sees at first glance whether the content looks appealing and is working on his device, or not. To avoid a disappointing user experience, quality is the key factor here as well. The best website in the world won't do you any good if, at the end of the day, it doesn't display well or at all.

Nobody wants to waste time, especially your customers don’t. That's why all content and its presentation format must be tailored to your target audience and the functionality of the website must be ensured on a 24/7 basis. In addition, a professional, properly functioning website that uses modern tools and is also kept up to date legally and in terms of security will protect you from unpleasant surprises such as cyber attacks or loading errors, which can quickly lead to customer losses and, even worse, damage your brand's reputation in the long run. Regular maintenance and updates, on the other hand, guarantee long-term web success and distinguish you as a premium provider through continuous high quality.

Conclusion: Win your customers of tomorrow already today

Let's work together on your success and get the best out of your website by creating a web design optimized for you and your target audience with our PIXIT know-how in Wiener Neustadt. We combine experiences from over 200 clients around the world, who we could demonstrably help finding their desired customers through digital branding and thus trigger above-average increases in sales.

The targeted push of brand value also has a very positive effect on employee recruitment and motivation. Your brand community not only wants to buy you, they also want to work for you because your values are clearly communicated, your high-quality appearance creates trust and you are clearly perceived as a frontrunner and visionary through the use of state-of-the-art communication technologies. This is where our core competence lies as a design agency for digital branding and web design. We help you generate high quality customers week after week who are willing to pay more for your premium service or quality product because they see, feel and experience that your brand has and deserves this value. Let's work together to rise your business to the next level.

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