By Anja Rautnig

Are you losing touch with the market? Your competitors are more visible than you? We can change that quickly: Using search engine advertising (SEA) with Google Ads and social media ads, e.g. on Facebook or Instagram, we'll increase your visibility in no time. Invest now and get ten times the revenue in return. Learn how to leave your competition behind and win premium customers one by one with perfectly designed paid online advertising that stands out and stays in your mind.

Your path to sustainable business success: Stand out and stay in people's minds

Are your competitors threatening to push you out of the market, are you struggling with losing customers, or are you barely attracting new ones? There's a better way! With an optimized digital advertising strategy that integrates paid online advertising for your premium product or service, you can generate new revenue leaps in no time. The digital societal transformation has long since taken place, opening up a variety of new digital marketing instruments, such as Google search engine advertising and social media ads. These forms of paid online advertising act like a flywheel for your business. Every euro invested in Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads, or similar, generates revenues that bring you up to ten times more than you had to spend. It's no wonder that advertising expenditures for digital marketing are increasing everywhere. For example, nearly two billion euros are invested in digital marketing per year in Austria. If you haven't joined in yet, you should quickly jump on the train. Otherwise, it will continue without you, and you will miss out on essential opportunities for rapid revenue growth and, above all, securing your business success against the competition. In addition, your brand will gain massive visibility and brand value through Google, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms (TikTok, LinkedIn, Taboola & Co).

Unbeatably fast and efficient: Paid online advertising is a revenue booster

When should you consider running paid online advertising on the internet? The best answer: yesterday! There are hardly any marketing methods to reach your "low-hanging fruits" faster than through search engine advertising (SEA) or social media ads. Because, unlike organic marketing measures like content marketing and continuous maintenance and optimization of your website through improved SEO performance, you can increase the reach of your visibility enormously quickly through targeted Google ads or Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads, etc. And even more importantly: You can filter out interested users, track them, and repeatedly remind them of your offer through conscious repetitions of your ad in their feed (remarketing). How to get the best return on ad spend (ROAS) for your digital marketing budget, we are happy to discuss with you at our PIXIT Design Agency in Vienna or Wiener Neustadt. Or, of course – also online!

Digital Marketing Success Factor 1: SEA - Google is your new best friend

If your product or service is already known because you offer a solution that your customers are specifically looking for, then paid online advertising in search engines, especially Google, makes a lot of sense. Whether this applies to you can be determined through a keyword or search term analysis. Why is this so-called SEA (Search Engine Advertising) via Google so important? The explanation is simple: The search engine giant holds a market share of over 90% and has not only managed to infiltrate its brand name as a new word in the dictionary. When customers use Google, they are searching for something. They have a problem. They have a need. You, in return, offer a solution for it. All you need now is a sufficiently high visibility. This is where Google Ads come in. The more you invest in paid online advertising on Google, the more potential prospects you will catch the eye of and, synergistically with increasing reach, catapult your revenue upwards. In conclusion: Google Ads get you new customers quickly and effectively, provided that your offer is already in demand. Of course, it's different if you want to sell a new, innovative product that your customers probably wouldn't search for on the internet. In this case, we recommend starting with social media ads. Here, we turn the tables – instead of customers searching for and finding you, you specifically find your desired customers.

Digital Marketing Success Factor 2: Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok & Co – How to get into the feed of your desired customers

According to the Digital Report 2022, 27% of digital advertising spending in Austria was already attributed to social media. There are several reasons for this development: On the one hand, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, LinkedIn, or Taboola offer a very high reach with many active users worldwide; on the other hand, paid online advertising through Facebook ads or Instagram Ads can be communicated very specifically to desired groups of people at relatively low investment costs. What's exciting is that the advertising content can be subtly integrated into a user's feed so that they may not even notice they are looking at advertising. The precise targeting of the audience is based on well-founded data collections that are available to platforms like Facebook or Instagram about their users. By characterizing users based on their behavior on the social media platform, your advertising can be displayed more effectively. Our experience shows that with a professional campaign, you usually get between 10 and 15 euros in revenue gains for every euro invested in advertising measures. Let's work together to develop a digital marketing strategy tailored to you and your target audience. Each social media platform is different, and whether you run paid online advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, or LinkedIn requires a different design and form of audience communication. For example, Facebook Ads can be dynamic and encourage user interaction, many Instagram Ads are only successful through high-quality images and photos, and LinkedIn Ads, in turn, often captivate with professional, smart texts. Of course, the optimal design for your ads strongly depends on your offer. We'd be happy to show you what creative Carousel Ads, dynamic Slideshow Ads, Lead Ads, High-end Image or Video Ads, and many other social media advertising formats can do for you.

Digital Marketing Success Factor 3: Remarketing – Staying on the ball until the purchase decision

In addition to targeting, tracking and measuring success are also important characteristics of paid online advertising. Trackable metrics include the number of clicks on the ad, shares, as well as statistics on leads and conversions. Often, the payment for ad placements is based on view contacts, Cost-per-Impression (CMP), or click-through rate, Cost-per-Click (CPC). With the automatic tracking of user interactions on a paid online ad campaign, you get more in-depth figures on the process and success of your advertising campaign through search engine marketing (SEA) or social media advertising. Real-time data helps you see success immediately and adjust your strategy as needed, such as extending the ad duration of a particularly successful Facebook Ad or placing an additional Google ad. What's even more important: Each click on your ad identifies a user as interested, and they will subsequently be shown this or a similar ad of your offer at adjusted timings across various channels (Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, LinkedIn, Taboola, etc.) on which they are active. This can be achieved, for example, through online display advertising like banners, buttons, skyscrapers or video advertising, where video ads with overlays, text overlays, or banners are also possible. The goal is to remind the already interested customer of your offer repeatedly until they make a purchase decision. The chances of this increase enormously with repeated ads and offer noticeably better results from 4-5 view contacts (impressions) onwards.

Working with professionals for successful customer acquisition

The key to success is the combination of cost-effective ad placements, which start at just a few euros and can be scaled up as desired, and modern, efficient tracking tools that enable targeted remarketing. While organic marketing only shows initial results after several months or even a year, you can demonstrate significant gains with paid online advertising in just a few weeks. Think of your investments in Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or other social media ads as water in a mill wheel, continuously churning your revenues. The more power, meaning the more money invested, the faster and larger the expected profit increase. We are proud that through the expertise of our PIXIT Design Agency in the field of paid online advertising in Wiener Neustadt, we have been able to measurably increase new customer acquisition for many companies. Some businesses we support gain 5 to 7 new premium customers weekly – even during crisis times when other companies are struggling to survive. Do you want that too? Feel free to contact us! We will help you get the revenue mill running efficiently with optimized Google Ads and Social Media Ads.

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