In the dynamic world of digital marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an essential compass that helps companies gain the necessary visibility in the virtual ocean. As an SEO agency in Salzburg, we closely monitor the constantly changing trends and challenges that companies face to increase their visibility in search engines and generate efficient customer inquiries. Identifying the right keywords, the structural and content setup of the website, and understanding user intentions are complex and crucial aspects of this task. It is a subtle work that goes far beyond simply incorporating keywords, aiming to decipher the intentions behind search queries, design a technically flawless and visually appealing website, and create content that provides insight and truly satisfies user inquiries.

Why SEO is essential for your company in Salzburg.

Your Website Deserves the Top Spot.

Start Your Ascent to the Top of Google.

Competing Agencies
  • Lack of a holistic approach
  • Insufficient experience and expertise
  • Slow implementation
  • Inadequate customer service
  • Non-specialized full service
  • Limited capabilities
  • Inadequate website optimization
  • Dubious backlink acquisition
  • Incomplete solution approaches
  • Limited regional experience
  • Comprehensive perspective
  • Expertise from top brand projects
  • Quick execution through an efficient system
  • Exclusive partner service
  • SEO specialists
  • Professional team of marketers, devs & designers
  • Detailed OnPage website optimization
  • Natural, trustworthy backlink building
  • Complete solutions for consistent results
  • Extensive international project experience

Acquire Top Customers and Attract Qualified Employees Through Targeted SEO Strategies.


Strategy Workshop

At the outset, we conduct a comprehensive examination of your business structure, offerings, fulfillment processes, and customer base to establish specific, measurable SEO goals that align with your business objectives and enable quantifiable, long-term SEO success.


Website Analysis and SEO Audit

Our first step involves a comprehensive analysis of your website and an in-depth SEO audit to identify various deficiencies that could affect search engine rankings. Based on this, we develop a mature plan highlighting the necessary optimization steps.


Keyword Research

Through detailed market research, we gain clarity about your competitive position. Using targeted keyword research, we determine relevant search terms to attract target customers, laying the foundation for all subsequent SEO strategies we implement on your behalf.


Development of SEO Strategy

Based on our findings, we craft an SEO strategy tailored to your business that aims for both short-term and long-term improvements, making OnPage and OffPage optimizations based on their relevance and importance to your company.


OnPage SEO Optimization

We conduct thorough OnPage SEO improvements focusing on the design, structure, and technical aspects of your website to ensure compliance with current Google standards, achieve high search result rankings, and provide visitors with an excellent user experience.


OffPage SEO Optimization

Additionally, we focus on OffPage SEO by building a network of high-quality backlinks that enhance the trustworthiness and reputation of your site. We pay particular attention to link quality, as it is crucial for Google ratings.


Measurement, Analysis, and Reporting

Using state-of-the-art tools, we monitor, measure, and analyze the success of our SEO initiatives, allowing us to continuously refine and adapt our methods. You receive regular reports that provide transparency regarding the progress and effectiveness of the actions taken.


Ongoing Optimization

SEO demands continuous maintenance and fine-tuning. Our goal is to continuously renew your SEO strategy to respond to updates in search algorithms, changes in the market, or shifts in search behavior and continually improve.

The Blueprint for Increased Customer Acquisition Through Google.

How Does Collaboration Work?

Our collaboration with PIXIT arose as part of the redesign of our brand appearance. From the first meeting to the entire development and onboarding of the website, we can report exclusively positive experiences. The PIXIT team supports us with its expertise. From FELB's side, we are completely happy with PIXIT and look forward to further cooperation in the coming years.

I am more than satisfied with the agency's work. My ideas and wishes were professionally transformed into an awesome brand! I can recommend PIXIT to everyone! I have found my partner for future projects 😃

Mega branding agency, I am highly impressed by the entire team, their professional work, and the punctual and accurate adherence to deadlines. I can recommend PIXIT to everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

SEO, short for Search Engine Optimization, refers to all activities aimed at improving the positioning of websites in the search results of search engines like Google. The main goal is to increase the visibility and findability of a website to gain more organic traffic. This includes optimizing the design (User Experience), structure, technical improvements of the website (Technical SEO), content optimization (Content SEO), and building backlinks (Off-Page SEO).

An SEO agency specializes in improving the online presence and ranking of websites in search engine results. The aim is to drive more qualified traffic to the website, thereby increasing the conversion rate and the number of customer inquiries.

Our proven approach focuses on strategically positioning your brand to establish you as an industry expert and create an emotional brand connection that uniquely attracts discerning customers. Our success formula is based on a strong design concept and insights from sales psychology. We aim to strengthen trust in your brand and foster emotional connections through an outstanding brand presence. Additionally, we continuously analyze purchasing behavior to specifically target your ideal customers. Our ultimate goal is for you and your brand to be seen as a symbol of your industry. Through successful applications in various prestigious companies, we have continually refined our strategy and expanded our exclusive design portfolio for brands and websites – an effective blueprint with a noticeable impact. Our approach is divided into four steps, which we also call 'Departments,' and are implemented in every project.

Find more details about the Departments here: Our Departments

With our branding strategies, we aim to help you build a top-tier brand and strengthen your position as an expert in your market. Our main goal is to set you apart from the crowd, effectively attract the right new customers, and qualified employees. In this process, we support you in digitalizing your marketing and sales processes.

With our extensive experience in serving clients from a wide range of industries, we have a broad spectrum of knowledge. Hardly any industry is unfamiliar to us. Even if your activities are in an area new to us, we see it as no challenge. We are particularly experienced in serving high-priced, complex services or products. If you are interested in attracting high-quality new customers or qualified employees, we are here to assist you. We invite you to sign up for a non-binding initial consultation to determine if a collaboration with us is sensible for both parties.

From developing brand strategies to designing digital brand appearances, building corporate websites, producing high-quality corporate photography, to marketing actions for increasing visibility and attracting digital customers – we have successfully implemented a wide range of projects. Our projects cover a broad spectrum of brands and companies across various industries, including agencies, design, business consulting, expert professions, real estate brokerage, architecture, interior design, car trading, private jet rental, vehicle tuning, and many more. A selection of our projects and case studies can be viewed on our website. If your industry is not listed, feel free to contact us for personal consultation.

More information about our projects and case studies can be found here: Our Projects

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To provide you with an accurate cost estimate, we first need a comprehensive insight into your current situation, challenges, and goals. This enables us to offer individualized consulting and present suitable solutions. Professional consulting requires a tailored approach. We recommend scheduling a free consultation to learn more. We offer flexible packages that adapt to your situation, with fixed prices for agreed services and no hidden costs.

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