We live in an era where the market is rapidly evolving, digitalization is advancing, and competition is sprouting like mushrooms. There are hardly any undiscovered business fields or niches left that have not been occupied by market participants. This implies that, conversely, as an entrepreneur in Vienna and beyond, one must be clearly positioned and stand out through one's entire digital brand presence to be noticed or considered a relevant provider by potential customers. A run-of-the-mill website and a small investment in Google are no longer sufficient to gain a serious foothold in the digital world and generate relevant visibility, to sustainably and especially automatically acquire customer streams that enable long-term growth on all levels, according to our perspective as a web design agency for Vienna.

Why a Sales-Strong Website Is Crucial for Your Business in Vienna.

Your website, our digital masterpiece.

Other agencies
  • No comprehensive approach
  • Lack of experience and expertise
  • Slow realization
  • Poor communication
  • Full-service provider without specialization
  • Insufficient creativity
  • Cookie-cutter, off-the-shelf websites
  • Poor technical structure
  • Semi-functional standalone solutions
  • Regional experience values
  • Holistic approach
  • Expertise from projects with leading brands
  • Rapid implementation through system
  • VIP service for partners
  • Experts in digital branding
  • Top-class designers, developers, & marketers
  • Design- and sales-driven websites
  • Performance and SEO for visibility
  • Comprehensive solutions for consistent results
  • International project experience

Achieve Top-tier Customers and Qualified Employees with a Brand Website.


Digital Strategy & Positioning

In an intensive branding and strategy workshop, we dissect your brand presence down to the smallest detail, analyze your current communication as well as your offer, and together with you, develop a crystal-clear positioning and a brand and website strategy for your digital success.


Premium Web Design

Based on the previously developed strategy, we create your exclusive web design with high-quality design elements and interactive motion design, ensuring a unique user experience and an emotional connection to your brand on all devices and media.


Brand Website & E-Commerce

Our creative developers craft your tailor-made brand website with exclusive design, dynamic animations, and trust-building brand elements. For e-commerce companies, we develop your sales-strong brand shop for 24/7 digital sales.


Sales-Optimized Landing Pages

In our team, we have developers with years of experience in creating sales-psychology optimized landing pages and building revenue-generating funnels. They create your landing page according to our 7-step direct marketing principles.

The Path to a Good-Looking Website That Brings You Customers.

How You Can Work with Us.

Mega branding agency, I am deeply impressed by the entire team, their professional work, and their punctuality in meeting deadlines. I can recommend PIXIT to everyone.

I am more than satisfied with the agency's work. My ideas and wishes were professionally translated into an awesome brand! I can recommend PIXIT to everyone! I have found my partner for future projects 😃

The team around Martin Holoubek delivers top-notch work when it comes to branding and its implementation into web design. In our collaboration with shared customers and in our interactions, we always experience a lot of creativity and attention to detail. Definitely a top partner for a modern and innovative web presence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Smaller websites are implemented in 2-3 weeks after the order is placed, larger websites take between 4-6 weeks, and particularly complex websites 8-12 weeks, depending on the scope and complexity. In any case, the quality of the final product is our top priority, so we always invest the time necessary to ensure our quality standards are met in every respect.

In today’s digital world, your website is the showcase of your business. It represents your brand from the best and most authentic side, provides insights into the projects, processes, and team in your company, and delivers relevant information about your offerings to your target audience. A high-quality designed website with a sales-psychological approach and appealing content also enhances your brand value, positions you as an expert in your market, and consistently delivers high-caliber clients and qualified employees.

As personal contact is as important to us as it is to you, we set up meetings at regular intervals during the Kick-Off Workshop, depending on the project size and scope. If you have any questions in the meantime or need support, you can talk to us online or by phone, or arrange a personal appointment. Generally, you have a fixed contact person and a team of experts at your side.

Of course. Our principles of digital brand value enhancement, building expert positioning, and sales psychology in online customer acquisition work not only in generating inquiries for high-priced, complex offers but also for physical products and online shops.

Of course, we take care of the entire process from development to going live. Don’t worry, you will be fully supported. We either recommend a hosting provider to you or work with your existing infrastructure. And we are also available for questions afterwards or ongoing website maintenance.

Our proven approach focuses on strategically building your brand to establish you as a top expert in your field. We create a digital brand presence that not only stands out but also creates an emotional connection and attracts sophisticated clients as if by magic. Our success formula combines strong design with the latest findings from sales psychology. This way, we build trust in your brand and promote a deep emotional connection. We stay up-to-date, constantly researching buying behavior and targeting our strategies to your ideal customers. Our goal? For you and your brand to become synonymous with quality in your field. Through successful implementation with many reputable companies, we have continuously sharpened our tactics and expanded our repertoire of exclusive design elements for brands and websites. This approach has proven itself and brings real results. Our method is divided into four phases, which we refer to as 'Departments,' and each project goes through them.

More information about the Departments can be found at: Our Departments

Our website strategies aim to help you create a first-class digital brand and establish yourself as a leading expert in your market. We want you to stand out from the crowd, attract exactly the clients you want, and assemble a team of top people around you. We support you in successfully transferring your marketing and sales activities to the digital world.

Definitely. Visibility with your website on Google, and especially for your potential customers, is a very relevant, major component, for which we have a dedicated department in the agency that only deals with this. We make sure that you appear as a high-caliber expert with your website, shine through professional and relevant content, are technically and securely on the move, and ultimately get organic project and customer inquiries or purchases for shops.

Over the years, we have teamed up with many clients from a variety of fields and gathered a wealth of experience. There’s hardly any industry we haven’t gotten to know. And even if you operate in a field we haven’t yet explored, that’s no problem for us. We are especially adept when it comes to high-quality, explanation-intensive services or products. So, if you aim to attract top new clients or find top team members, we are exactly right for you. How about you just sign up for a non-binding initial consultation with us? Then we can find out together if we would make a good team.

Technically, both are websites, but we deliberately differentiate between so-called Brand Websites and sales-optimized landing pages. While we focus on a high-quality design, professional photos/videos, elegant texts, and trust-building measures like projects, case studies, blogs, and press reports for a Brand Website, landing pages are more about a sleek, reduced design and a sales-optimized direct marketing approach, where we directly address the problems of the target group and present them with the appropriate solution through supportive storytelling.

From the first idea for your brand to the final touches of your website, shooting cool photos for your company, and planning marketing actions to really take off online and win new customers – we’ve initiated many such projects. Our expertise covers a colorful spectrum: Whether for design studios, consulting firms, real estate agents, architects, interior decorators, car dealerships, private jet providers, or tuning shops – we’ve had our hand in many industries. Check out our website where you can find some examples of our work. And if you don’t find your industry, no problem! Just write to us or call, we’d love to talk directly with you and figure out how we can best support you.

More information about our projects and case studies can be found at: Our Projects

Appointment Request
You send us a request via our website for a free initial consultation and answer a few questions about your project.
Preliminary Talk
One of our staff members will talk to you on the phone about your concerns and conduct a detailed, free potential analysis with you.
A strategy consultant will advise you individually for 60 minutes about your situation and develop a concept for your brand presence together with you.
Following the initial consultation, there is the possibility that we start a collaboration and support you in the implementation in the long term.

To give you an exact price, we first need to understand your current situation, what challenges you are facing, and what you specifically want to achieve. This helps us to offer you tailor-made advice and the right solutions. Anything else would simply not be professional. It would be best if we discuss this in a free consultation meeting. I want to assure you that we have flexible offers that we can tailor exactly to your needs. This way, you pay a clear package price for everything we agree on – no hourly rates and no hidden costs.

Yes, there are regularly subsidies for various industries and business models that one can take advantage of - we will be happy to inform you about them in a free consultation meeting. In addition, we have flexible payment plans that we can adapt to your situation.

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