By Viktoria Vivod

What is SEO? And how does it help me improve my position in the market?

You have heard the term SEO before, but you don’t know where to put it? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and defines marketing tools to improve your website’s exposure to your potential customers.

Let us start from the top. Branding is the process of giving your company a meaning. Your branding is a key point in marketing. It is important, that your existing clients and also your potential future clients know, which product or which service you are offering. SEO is all about improving your overall online ranking in order to have your website ideally pop up on the first page of every search engine without even using any of your advertising budget.

Besides monitoring the technical condition of your website (mobile version, quick loading, website security and backlinks), content creation is also very vital to generate a good ranking.

The site that generates search results is called SERP (Search Engine Results Pages). Search engines work with their own algorithms which make it essential to feed them as optimised as possible to gain a high ranking.

In a nutshell: Google bots scans your website and decides how high you are going to be ranked based on different factors, as search engines want to satisfy their customers as well.

You are not listed on the first page on Google? But isn’t that what you want to achieve?

he reason for that could most probably be the lack or insufficient SEO. Let's be honest. How often do we use search engines? Not only weekly, most of us even daily! Thanks to Google, Bing, Yahoo and Co. users find their desired products or services. Why don’t users find you?

Websites with low rankings through Google and Co will barely be seen or even opened, avoidably causing potential customers to chose a higher ranked product losing yourself a client to a different product.?

Can I handle SEO myself?

Sure you can. However, this requires sufficient background knowledge and experience to handle SEO well. In the last decade, a lot has changed in the SEO world. To learn about the latest developments in SEO and to act on them quickly, you need experts who deal with it every day. SEO has become very comprehensive and complex. Give SEO away and concentrate on your company, where YOU are the expert!

Book our SEO-package now! You want more traffic on your website and increase sales? We’ll make it happen.

What happens when you apply SEO?

Your website optimisation should be professionally done at the beginning and then continuously monitored and adjusted. Because even the best and most modern website won't do you any good if your potential customers can't find you quickly. Through SEO, you get a higher reach and your visibility is automatically increased. Also your revenue ;). Most website visits actually happen because of queries through search engines. Why not use this advantage for yourself and your company too??!!

In any case, your SEO measures are designed to generate more visitors to your website on a permanent basis. Many companies wonder whether their company is simply too small and "not yet ready". But especially small companies depend on good SEO. Known brands like Apple, Ikea and Co. are already known to us, but even these large companies constantly apply SEO.

So it shouldn't be a question of whether you want to apply SEO, but much rather HOW!!"

What are the benefits of SEO?

  • SEO is solution-oriented. You don't have to convince potential customers of your service or product. The customer knows what they want because they are already looking for it.
  • If you decide to put your SEO in professional hands, your SEO is also measurable. This means that your successes are analyzed and evaluated.
  • SEO may not be cheap, but it is efficient. If your website lands on page 1 of the search engine, you will have achieved your desired value. It means a big growth for your company.

What other factors play an important role?

  • Usability is an important factor because a flawless technical implementation keeps the customer on your website. An attractive design (UX design) is an additional advantage.
  • Note that most users visit your website using a smartphone, so the website must be set up technically and visually for mobile views.

Which actions do we take using SEO?

  • Essential for effective SEO are the so called keywords, words and search terms that users type into their preferred search engine. Those terms must closely relate to the product you are offering. We analyse those keywords in advance. Through targeted Google ads you can even highlight the so called conversion rate of your keywords. The conversion rate indicates the sales achieved in relation to the user number.
  • Buyers Personas - You also display your potential buyers through a target group analysis. This is how you can define the search terms of your users more accurately and will more likely be able to complete the sale.
  • The right choice of phrasing on your website is also crucial to being found by your potential customer and the keywords should be directly linked to the title and subtitle of the respective website.
  • The content of your website will be positioned higher in the search results if your textual content is valuable and high quality. The search engine therefore sees more benefits to the end user and a better ranking is assured.

Factors, who defines your ranking:

  • The content of your website: The more valuable and high-quality the content on your website is, the more value a search engine sees for the end user and positions it higher in the search results. We review your content and either provide valuable tips on how to improve it or rewrite it for you.
  • Usability: We live in a fast-paced world. When shopping online, gathering information, or essentially doing anything, we want everything to be quick and immediate. If your website loads too slowly or is confusingly structured, preventing your customer from reaching the essential point that is important to them, they will quickly leave your website without understanding the benefits and added value of your product or service. Our analysis tool carefully looks for weaknesses on your website and fixes them, so that valuable customers don't leave for technical reasons. This would be a waste of your potential.
  • Keywords: Are you using the right keywords? Users search for specific terms, and websites that ignore these words have a much lower chance of ranking highly than those whose content focuses on the key phrases.

We analyze your website and also the keywords you use. Together we optimize them so that you are organically ranked higher so that you can be found by the right customers.

Our expert PIXIT tip: SEO optimization is often misunderstood. But SEO stands for optimization and we don't want to optimize the optimization.

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