By Martin Holoubek

The sky is the limit.

The year 2023 is approaching and the rapid developments worldwide require smart strategies and immediate actions to achieve good results and even experience a breakthrough in the best case. Doing nothing and leaving success to chance or relying on well-tried, non-evergreen methods can end fatally and force you out of the market. Because we keep finding out with our customers and also in discussions with potential new customers that companies can no longer find their way around the abundance of offers and strategies and quickly fall into shock, especially in times of crisis, we have written this article to provide an overview of working methods and to give strategies that will help you to maintain a certain level even in bad times or even grow drastically - depending on how exactly and to what extent you implement these measures.

The digital brand presence with the right structure and a high-quality design.

In times of digitization and increasing market adaptation in terms of digital marketing measures and online marketing, it is becoming increasingly important to differentiate yourself from the competition and stand out from the multitude of providers. To do this, the digital brand presence must be brought to a level, starting with the corporate design and the brand website, through to professional photos and videos, at which it convinces with an appealing, high-quality design and the right, psychologically well-thought-out structure and converts visitors into paying customers. The same applies to your career page, which should shine in high gloss and catch your potential applicants with employee testimonials, certificates, office insights and outstanding benefits. This is the essential basis that you have to build up and continuously develop so that all other measures to gain visibility have an effect.

Sales-optimized landing pages and funnels with direct marketing to the assembly line for leads.

In addition to the brand website or brand shop, which we discussed in the previous point, we expressly recommend implementing direct marketing measures via paid advertising and a sales-optimized landing page. In general, the corporate or brand website sells through exclusivity in design, a professional appearance with regard to photos, videos and texts as well as trust-building measures, while a sales-optimized landing page in the context that we are now addressing, through a design reduced to the essentials generates qualified leads for your offer with a sales-psychological structure without animations, several call to actions (CTAs) and high-ticket advertising texts. High-ticket copywriting is all about hitting the pain point of the target audience and presenting the added value and unique solution to the problem with your method.

High-gloss content with personality and authenticity.

Another important pillar is the topic of content. All content, from photos and videos to graphics, illustrations and podcasts, must be professionally produced and prepared according to the brand guidelines for your target group. In addition, factors such as personality and authenticity are important - customers want to get a real insight into your everyday life and your business processes and see which person(s) are behind the brand and how they work. This is how you build a culture of fans and fellow admirers who celebrate you and your brand and are emotionally connected. The important thing to note here is - personality over glossy content - don't be too perfectionistic when producing your content (still keep a high quality level) and make sure it's real instead of fake. If you want to know what a digital brand presence for your company can look like with the right design, the right, sales-optimized structure and professional content, and which measures would make the most sense for you to win better customers or employees and significantly increase sales, then make an appointment for a free consultation with one of our experts.

High-ticket advertising texts with a profound understanding of the target group.

Unfortunately, copywriting is still completely underestimated by many entrepreneurs. Addressing your target group correctly and hitting the mark with your message requires a profound understanding of the target group, which you must build up in advance and constantly expand. You never stop learning and so you have to be constantly approachable and in contact with your target group, analyze them and understand their way of thinking and acting down to the smallest detail - ultimately you have to know them better than they know themselves. Once you have built this understanding It's all about addressing the pain in your marketing message and positioning yourself as a hero with value and the right solutions.

Paid advertising as a turbo booster for more visibility.

Paid Ads or also called online advertising, is from our point of view the biggest lever for drastic growth in your business. So far, there is nothing that brings you into visibility as fast as paid advertising on Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and TikTok - as long as the whole setting from the website and landing page to the ads is right and set up correctly. You can think of it like this - you throw €1 into the advertising machine and usually get back between €10 and €15. Once you get a taste for it, you will invest more and more and your investment will become a flywheel that will catapult you upwards in terms of sales. For this reason, if budget is an important consideration, we recommend tackling paid online advertising first before investing in organic efforts like SEO. Use paid advertising as a revenue booster for your business today.

Physical reports as icebreakers and expert positioning.

Even though we swear by digital marketing and know that it brings incredible potential, there are still some offline marketing methods that could be called evergreens - we're talking about physical reports. On the one hand, they serve as an icebreaker between your brand and the company you want to help, on the other hand, with a high-quality designed report, built with a psychologically thought-out background and delivering factual added value to the customer, you manage to position yourself as an expert in your market and have a successful consultation with your new customers. To further reinforce your expert status, you can also create specific reports for different industries - for example, a branding report for acquiring high-profile customers for premium brands, or a copy for digital recruiting for dentists.

Moving away from "nice to have" offers towards real problem solutions.

The market situation is becoming more tense and the economic crisis is pulling some into a downward spiral. There are passive entrepreneurs who go into defense mode and hope for better times and then there are entrepreneurs who not only wait out the situation, but proactively act and go into attack mode to make the best of the situation. Attention is paid to investing money in solutions that quickly and effectively solve their own problems. This means that anything that doesn't immediately bring in more customers (and therefore revenue), saves more time for the CEO, or directly saves costs, is uninteresting and is classified as a "nice to have" offer. Therefore, focus on solving problems quickly and efficiently and delivering real value. If you feel lost and don't exactly know how to make an offer to the point where your customer recognizes and understands that your solution offers real value, feel free to contact us and let's talk about which screws need to be turned to reach the next plateau.

Social networks and PR as a trust builder and multiplier of one's reach.

As previously mentioned, it is crucial today to be present on all relevant channels and maintain them. This includes social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, where all branding measures already implemented must be continued consistently. A consistent design line, professional photos and videos, and the right target audience approach are also important on these channels to increase your brand value and attract the right customers for your brand. Additionally, what many underestimate because they think it is only relevant for large companies is press work. Potential new customers also search Google by not only searching for your company name but also the name of the business leader and looking for trustworthy content to find. Furthermore, being present in times or trade magazines with contributions helps - this is good for your image and increases trust in your brand. Try to always put yourself in the mind of your potential customer, find all information that can be found about you, and try to critically find points that can be misinterpreted or that prevent your customers from buying or at least inquiring.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as an optimal addition to increase organic reach.

Let's move on to the next pillar that helps you sustainably increase your visibility. While we discussed the power of paid online advertising earlier in the article, we will now delve into search engine optimization, commonly referred to as SEO. What is SEO about? Search engine optimization is about getting your company's website organically into visibility, specifically improving your ranking on Google so that you are listed higher when someone searches for your offer. We differentiate between On-Page and Off-Page optimization, meaning the optimization carried out technically and content-wise on the website (On-Page) and the measures taken outside your site, such as building high-quality, thematically relevant external links to your website, to sustainably increase your visibility. SEO is an ongoing process that must be continuously operated to maintain or increase visibility, as the internet lives and so does your website. So take care of the flawless technical structure of the site, create thematically relevant and exciting content for your target audience, and build your digital reputation through external links to stay consistently visible.

Digitalization of the company and all processes as a necessity for scaling.

Finally, we come to the point that many companies have slept on in recent years and are no longer represented in the market: digitization. The term is very broad and encompasses many sub-areas. Essentially, we're talking about systems, platforms, and automations that aim to save costs and increase efficiency, improve product quality, or free up time for the core business to focus on growth. To do this, it's important to break down your business and all processes into sub-areas and build clear structures and processes. Then it becomes clear where there are currently inefficient points and what can be simplified or even automated. Initially, for example, employees should have the option to work with laptops from home with appropriate software and network infrastructure in addition to or instead of desktop computers. Sales can reduce on-site appointments and conduct consultations online via Zoom or Microsoft Teams, which saves time and money and increases revenue because more appointments can be attended per day.

Companies should shift their internal communication to business channels such as Slack (reducing email usage), in order to maintain a better overview, avoid lost or undeliverable messages, and send larger amounts of data. Moreover, Slack can be linked with project management software, allowing tasks to be directly distributed to team members. In addition, companies should use SaaS-based accounting systems that include features such as automatic debt collection, digital receipt recognition, and bank account synchronization for payment recognition. Once the digital system landscape is set up and adjusted to meet the company's needs, it's about digitizing and automating all processes in the company. For example, once a customer has been closed by sales, an automatic confirmation of order and invoice could be sent out, which, after the payment has been automatically recognized, creates a task to send the customer a welcome package and assign an employee to call the customer and schedule a kick-off meeting. Or, once a project has been marked as completed in the system, an automatic message could be sent to the customer requesting a review on Google or Trustpilot. This requires thinking through the business from A to Z and digitizing and automating all steps, which ultimately makes sense for the company's requirements.

As you have surely noticed by now, there is no one holy grail in marketing. The sum of all measures and their correct implementation in each phase of the business determines its success and leads to the desired results. To be seen as an authority in your market today, you must excel on as many levels as possible. No matter which point from the article it is about, we can certainly help you implement each one for yourself. "But you can't be experts in all these areas," you're probably thinking. You are completely right. Although we implement all these measures for ourselves as a digital branding design agency and our clients, we have experts in certain areas who support us with their expertise.

If what I've told you sounds interesting to you and you need support, then let's talk about it in an initial, non-binding conversation to see how we can help you.

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