In the ever-changing world of digital marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) plays a crucial role for businesses to gain visibility in the virtual landscape. As an SEO agency for Zurich, we closely monitor the constantly evolving trends and challenges that businesses face in order to enhance their presence in search engines and effectively generate qualified customer inquiries. Identifying the right keywords, designing the website structurally and in terms of content, and understanding user intent are complex and critical aspects of this task. Our work goes beyond simply adding keywords and aims to understand the motivations behind search queries, create technically flawless and visually appealing websites, and produce content that provides insights and genuinely meets user needs.

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  • Lack of Comprehensive Approach
  • Lack of Experience and Expertise
  • Slow Implementation
  • Poor Communication
  • Full-Service Jack of All Trades
  • Insufficient Resources
  • Inadequate Website Optimization
  • Unethical Backlink Purchasing
  • Partial, Non-Functional Solution
  • Local Experience
  • Holistic Approach
  • Expertise from Projects with Leading Brands
  • Rapid Execution through System
  • VIP Service for Partners
  • SEO Optimization Experts
  • Top-Class Marketers, Developers & Designers
  • Detailed OnPage Website Optimization
  • Organic, Healthy Backlink Building
  • Comprehensive Solution for Consistent Results
  • International Project Experience

Attract High-Quality Customers and Highly Qualified Employees in Zurich Through Targeted SEO Strategies.


Strategy Workshop

To begin, we conduct a comprehensive analysis of your company's structure, offerings, business processes, and target audience in Zurich. This enables us to formulate clear and measurable SEO goals that harmonize with your business ambitions in Zurich and ensure long-term success in search engine optimization.


Website Analysis and SEO Audit

Our entry phase includes an in-depth review of your website and a detailed SEO audit to identify any weaknesses that could affect your rankings in search engines. Based on these insights, we develop a detailed plan highlighting the necessary optimization steps.


Keyword Research

Through thorough market analysis, we gain insights into your competitive situation. Using targeted keyword research, we identify relevant search terms to attract potential customers in Zurich. These keywords serve as the foundation for all the SEO strategies we implement on your behalf.


Development of SEO Strategy

Based on our findings, we develop a tailored SEO strategy for your business in Zurich. This strategy aims to achieve both short-term and long-term improvements through on-page and off-page optimizations, prioritizing these actions based on their relevance to your business.


On-Page SEO Optimization

Our comprehensive on-page SEO optimizations focus on the design, structure, and technical aspects of your website. This ensures that your website complies with Google's current standards, ranks well in search results, and provides an excellent user experience for your Zurich visitors.


Off-Page SEO Optimization

We place special emphasis on off-page SEO by building a network of high-quality backlinks. These contribute to strengthening the credibility and reputation of your website. We prioritize the quality of backlinks, as they play a significant role in Google's assessment of your website.


Measurement, Analysis, and Reporting

We use advanced tools to monitor, measure, and analyze the success of our SEO efforts in Zurich. This allows us to continuously optimize and adapt our methods. You receive regular reports that provide insights into the progress and effectiveness of our actions.


Ongoing Optimization

SEO requires continuous monitoring and adjustments. Our aim is to continuously refine your SEO strategy and flexibly respond to changes in search algorithms, market conditions, and user behavior in Zurich to consistently achieve the best possible results. As your SEO agency for Zurich, we are committed to ensuring that your website is always up to date and evolving.

The Strategy to Increase Customer Inquiries via Google in Zurich.

How Does Collaboration Work?

Super competent, young team! PIXIT has been taking care of us and all our locations worldwide for years, mainly when it comes to digital branding, photo and video productions, as well as the brand website and online shop. The guys are driven by perfection and always want to be the best! Through PIXIT, we were able to increase our brand value, further establish our expert status, and build long-term, high-quality customer relationships.

We are very satisfied with the result of our new Rent Control and Real Estate Agent website. The work was implemented exactly as we envisioned by PIXIT's young and creative team. Top result, good ideas, innovative, modern, and highly recommended!

A young and creative agency! We are satisfied with the collaboration and therefore 5 stars :)

Frequently Asked Questions

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and includes all measures aimed at positioning websites higher in the search results of search engines like Google. The goal is to improve the visibility and findability of a website to generate more organic traffic, i.e., visitors coming through unpaid search results. This includes optimizing the design (user experience), the structure (structure), the technical improvement of the website (Technical SEO), content optimization (Content SEO), and building backlinks (Off-Page SEO).

An SEO agency specializes in improving the visibility and placement of websites in search engine results lists. It works to increase the online visibility of a company to drive more qualified traffic to its website and ultimately increase conversion rates and customer inquiries.

Our proven approach aims to strategically develop your brand to position you as an expert in your market and create an exclusive digital brand presence that fosters an emotional connection to the brand and magically attracts sophisticated customers. Our success method is based on a strong design approach and insights from sales psychology. The goal is to strengthen trust in your brand and promote emotional bonds through an exclusive brand presence. We also use continuous studies on buying behavior to target your ideal customers. Ultimately, we strive to make you and your brand synonymous with your industry. Through successful implementation with various renowned companies, we have continuously refined our strategy and gradually expanded our set of exclusive design elements for brand designs and brand websites - a proven blueprint with tangible effects. Our method is divided into four steps, which we also call 'departments' and are run through in each project.

More information on the departments can be found at: Our Departments

Our branding methods aim to help you build a premium brand and solidify your position as an expert in your market. Our goal is to set you apart from the competition and attract the right new customers and qualified employees on a larger scale. As part of these efforts, we support you in transforming your marketing and sales processes into the digital space.

Over the years, we have gained extensive experience by continuously supporting numerous customers from various industries. There are hardly any industries that are unknown to us. Even if your activities take place in an area we have not yet served, this is not a hurdle for us. Our expertise focuses particularly on high-quality, complex services or physical products. If you are interested in attracting high-quality new customers or qualified employees, we are at your side. We invite you to schedule an appointment for a free initial consultation. This way, we can discuss together whether a collaboration with us makes sense for you.

From the conception of brand strategy to the design of digital brand designs, the creation of corporate websites, the production of high-quality corporate photos, and the execution of marketing measures to increase visibility and acquire new digital customers, we have already successfully realized numerous projects. These projects span a wide range of brands and companies from diverse industries. Examples of our successful collaboration can be found in the fields of agencies, design, business consulting, expertise, real estate brokerage, architecture, interior design, car sales, private jet rental, vehicle tuning, and many others. A selection of our projects and case studies is available on our website. If your industry is not listed, do not hesitate to write us a message or call us. We are happy to be available personally to help you directly.

More information about our projects and case studies can be found at: Our Projects

At PIXIT, we use a selection of industry-leading SEO tools to perfect our search engine optimization. Our preferred tools include semRush, ahrefs, Google Keyword Magic Tool, Screaming Frog, and Ubersuggest. In addition, we use the Google Search Console to effectively implement and optimize our SEO strategies.

Building an effective SEO strategy takes time and sustained efforts. The first noticeable results can take several months. For established websites, changes may be visible within a few weeks, but the full potential of SEO optimization typically manifests within 6 to 12 months.

Client participation is, as with any agency project, crucial to the success of SEO management. Effective collaboration between the client and the SEO agency is essential, as the client typically has important industry knowledge and a deep understanding of their target audience, which are extremely valuable for SEO optimization.

First, we focus on quick wins, i.e., the SEO measures that bring faster results, and then on further optimizations. Although the objectives are generally set for several months, we offer monthly evaluations and reports upon request.

Appointment Request
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Preliminary Talk
One of our staff will talk to you on the phone about your concerns and conduct a detailed, free potential analysis with you.
A strategy consultant advises you for 60 minutes individually about your situation and develops a concept for your brand presence together with you.
Following the initial consultation, there is the possibility that we start a collaboration and support you in the long term in the implementation.

To give you precise cost information, we first need a comprehensive insight into your current situation, your challenges, and your goals. This enables us to provide tailored advice and present suitable solutions. Anything else would not meet professional standards. The best approach would be to schedule an appointment for a free consultation. At this point, I can assure you that we offer flexible packages that can be adapted to your individual situation. This way, you pay a fixed package price for the agreed services. There are no hourly rates or hidden fees.

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