In the ever-changing world of E-commerce, online shops and business models face new, complex challenges every day. Our expertise as an E-commerce agency now focuses on Munich, where we have the know-how to address the challenges of the digital marketplace. We specialize in improving the user experience of your website, implementing advanced inventory and logistics solutions, and developing creative marketing strategies that highlight your products. Our skills and tools are used purposefully to promote your entrepreneurial success. Compelling branding is crucial for building trust and establishing a clear differentiation of your brand from competitors. We are here to help create a concise identity that conveys authenticity and leaves a lasting impression on your customers.

The Evolution of E-commerce as a Driver for Your Business Growth in Munich.

Your Webshop as a Profit Engine.

The Webshop as a Revenue Booster.

Other Agencies
  • Lack of a holistic approach
  • Lack of experience and expertise
  • Time-consuming implementation
  • Inadequate communication
  • Non-specialized full-service agencies
  • Limited resources
  • Inadequate shop optimization
  • Ineffective marketing
  • Growth limits due to lack of processes
  • Partially functioning individual solutions
  • Experience limited to a regional context
  • Integrated comprehensive solutions
  • Expertise gained through building our own shops
  • Fast execution with efficient templates
  • First-class service for our partners
  • Specialized experts for online shops with proven success
  • Top designers, developers, and marketing experts
  • Optimization of speed and conversion rate
  • Successful, scalable advertising campaigns
  • Unlimited growth through automation
  • Comprehensive solutions for significant results
  • Worldwide project experience

Building a Profitable E-commerce Business Through Proven Online Sales Strategies.


Strategy Workshop

We start with a deep analysis of your specific needs and goals for your E-commerce project, research your target audience and the market to design a tailored strategy that shapes your brand and establishes it in the market.


Planning and Conceptualization

Based on that, we create a detailed E-commerce plan that builds on the developed strategy and organize the technical implementation, user experience, and design to optimize your online shop.


Design and User Experience

The design and user experience are developed with a focus on intuitive user navigation and attractive design to represent your brand and ensure a smooth customer journey that increases conversion rates and strengthens sales processes.


Shop Development

In the development phase, we bring the designed concept into a functional E-commerce platform, utilizing the latest technologies and ensuring the solution is powerful, secure, scalable, and works seamlessly on all devices.


Content Creation

We take care of creating and integrating high-quality and engaging content that clearly conveys your brand message, enhances SEO performance, effectively presents your products, and boosts sales.


Digital Marketing

A comprehensive marketing strategy is designed to make your online shop known and attract more visitors. Targeted SEO efforts improve your online presence, increase visibility, and enhance rankings.


Quality Assurance and Testing

All elements of the shop undergo thorough testing. Functional tests, usability tests, and performance analysis ensure that the shop works flawlessly, is user-friendly, and performs reliably even under heavy visitor traffic.


Continuous Optimization

Finally, your shop's performance data is continuously evaluated, and adjustments are made to improve the user experience, increase conversion rates, and boost revenue.

The approach to increasing the average shopping cart value in your online shop in Munich.

How Does Collaboration Work?

Mega branding agency, I am deeply impressed by the whole team, their professional work, and the punctual and accurate adherence to deadlines. I can recommend PIXIT to everyone.

I am more than satisfied with the agency's work. My ideas and wishes were professionally translated into an awesome brand! I can recommend PIXIT to everyone! I have found my partner for future projects 😃

We have been working with PIXIT for several years. Website, shop, flyers, business cards - everything from a single source and in TOP quality. Everything is right, from the initial contact to the implementation.

Frequently Asked Questions

E-Commerce is like your digital store that's open 24/7, where customers can conveniently shop worldwide. As your E-Commerce agency, we support you in presenting your products online, making them visible, and selling them. We take care of everything, from appealing web design to search engine optimization, ensuring that your customers can find and appreciate you at any time.

As an E-Commerce agency, we are your strategic partner, helping you establish and expand your business online. We handle the planning, design, and implementation of your online store, enhance the customer experience, and apply targeted marketing strategies to boost your sales. With our expertise in technology, design, and digital marketing, we ensure the successful growth of your E-Commerce business.

With our extensive experience in building successful online stores, we are experts in this field. We first develop a thorough E-Commerce and brand strategy with you, providing all the necessary tools to identify high-selling products. We quickly build a design-oriented and sales-focused shop, take care of the technical setup, and ensure seamless product migration. Your shop is legally compliant and handed over to you ready for operation. While you could do it all yourself, it would require a lot of time and expertise—time that you could use to generate revenue.

We mainly specialize in Shopify but also have experience with WooCommerce and Shopware. For most projects, we recommend Shopify, as it's ideal for building large-scale stores.

Yes, our shop systems are GDPR-compliant and meet all necessary requirements.

Our proven approach focuses on strategically developing your brand to establish you as an expert in your market. We create an exclusive digital brand presence that builds emotional connections and attracts discerning customers. This is based on strong design and sales psychology. We aim to strengthen trust in your brand and foster emotional bonds by using continuous analysis of purchasing behavior to target your ideal customers. Our goal is to make you and your brand synonymous in your industry. Through experience with renowned companies, we have refined our strategy and expanded our range of exclusive design elements for brand designs and brand websites.

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With our branding methods, we aim to help you establish a premium brand and solidify your position as an expert. Our goal is to set you apart from the crowd and attract the right new customers and qualified employees. We support you in digitizing your marketing and sales processes.

Through serving many customers from various industries, we have a broad base of experience. There are few industries that are unfamiliar to us. Even in new areas, we are competent. Our expertise lies especially in high-value, explanatory services or products. If you want to attract high-quality customers or qualified employees, we are happy to assist. Sign up for a free initial consultation to find out if a collaboration makes sense.

We have successfully completed a variety of projects, from developing brand strategies to designing company websites. Our experience spans across many industries. If your industry is not listed, don't hesitate to contact us. We are here to provide personalized assistance.

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To provide you with precise costs, we need insight into your current situation and your goals. After a free consultation, we offer flexible packages tailored to your situation, without hidden fees or hourly billing.

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