In the dynamic environment of online commerce, webshops and companies are confronted with a spectrum of challenges every day. As an e-commerce agency specializing in Graz, we understand the pitfalls of digital commerce and stand by your side to skillfully manage them. Whether it's fine-tuning your website for optimal user experience, implementing powerful storage and logistics systems, or developing creative marketing strategies that showcase your products in the right light – we have the expertise and tools to move your business forward. A decisive element for success in online sales is a meaningful branding that creates trust and makes your brand stand out from the crowd. We support you in creating a distinctive brand that represents your values and uniqueness and stays in the minds of your customers.

Transforming E-Commerce into a growth engine for your business in Graz.

Your Online Store as a Revenue Machine.

The Online Store with Revenue Explosion.

Other Agencies
  • Lack of a holistic approach
  • Lack of experience and expertise
  • Slow implementation
  • Poor communication
  • Full-service agencies without specialization
  • Inadequate resources
  • Lack of shop optimization
  • Incorrect marketing setup
  • Limited scalability due to lack of processes
  • Half-hearted isolated solution
  • Regional experience
  • Holistic Approach
  • Experience in building our own stores
  • Swift implementation through proven practices
  • VIP service for partners
  • Experts in online stores with a proven track record
  • Top-notch designers, developers, and marketers
  • Optimization of shop speed and conversion
  • Proven ads that scale
  • Unlimited scalability through automations
  • Comprehensive solution for dramatic results
  • International project experience

With a proven e-commerce strategy towards a profitable and self-managing online store.


Strategy Workshop

We begin with a thorough analysis of your specific requirements and objectives for your e-commerce project, explore your target audience and the market field to develop a tailored strategy that sets your brand apart and positions it in the market.


Planning and Concept

Subsequently, we create a detailed e-commerce concept based on the developed strategy and plan the technical realization, user experience, and design to prepare your online store for a successful launch.


Design and User Experience

In design and user experience, we pay special attention to clear user guidance and an appealing design that reflects your brand and ensures a seamless customer journey to optimize conversion and intensify sales processes.


Development of the Online Store

In the implementation phase, we transform the developed design into a functional e-commerce platform, using the latest technologies to ensure a powerful, secure, and scalable solution that works optimally on all devices.


Content Production

When creating and incorporating content, we focus on high-quality and appealing content that clearly conveys the brand message, improves SEO performance, and presents your products effectively and in a sales-promoting manner.


Digital Marketing

Following this, we develop a comprehensive marketing strategy that makes your e-commerce store known and increases traffic. Targeted SEO measures optimize your website for search engines, improve your visibility, and increase ranking.


Quality Assurance and Testing

This is followed by a meticulous review of all aspects of your e-commerce shop. Function tests, usability checks, and performance analyses ensure that the shop runs flawlessly, is user-friendly, and operates quickly and reliably even under high visitor traffic.


Continuous Optimization

Finally, the shop's performance data is constantly monitored. Adjustments based on this data are made to improve the user experience, increase conversion rates, and boost revenue.

The concept to increase sales and expand order volume in your online shop in Graz.

How does a collaboration work?

Amazing branding agency, I am very impressed with the entire team, the professional work, and the timely and correct adherence to schedules. I can recommend PIXIT to anyone.

Our collaboration with PIXIT came about in the context of redesigning our brand presence. From the first meeting, through the entire development, and the onboarding of the website, we can report exclusively positive experiences. The PIXIT team supports us with its expertise. On FELB's side, we are completely happy with PIXIT and look forward to further cooperation in the coming years.

I am more than satisfied with the work of the agency. My ideas and wishes were professionally transformed into an awesome brand! I can recommend PIXIT to anyone! I have found my partner for future work 😃

Frequently Asked Questions

Imagine E-Commerce as your digital store that is open 24/7, where customers from all over the world can shop conveniently. As your E-Commerce agency, we help you bring your products online, make them visible, and, of course, sell them. We take care of everything - from appealing web design to search engine optimization, so that your customers can find and love you at any time.

An E-Commerce agency is your strategic partner that helps you take your business online and grow. We handle the planning, design, and implementation of your online store, optimize the user experience for pleasant shopping, and employ targeted marketing strategies to boost your sales. With our expertise in technology, design, and digital marketing, we ensure that your E-Commerce business can thrive.

As an E-Commerce agency with strong expertise in building successful online stores, we are true professionals in this field. Initially, we work with you to create a comprehensive E-Commerce and brand strategy, equipping you with all the tools to find high-selling products, make existing products more attractive, and market your brand in a way that quickly yields dramatic results. We rapidly create a store with sales-focused design, get it up and running, take care of the technical setup, and smoothly migrate your products. We design your store in compliance with legal regulations and hand over a ready-to-use online store. While you could do everything yourself in your store, it would take a lot of time and require years of expertise. Time you could already use to generate your first earnings.

We primarily specialize in Shopify but also have experience with WooCommerce and Shopware. However, for most projects, we recommend Shopify as it allows for quickly creating large stores.

Yes, our shop systems are delivered in compliance with data protection regulations.

Our proven approach aims to strategically develop your brand to position you as an expert in your market and create an exclusive digital brand presence that establishes an emotional connection with the brand and magically attracts discerning customers. Our success approach is based on a strong design approach and insights from sales psychology. The goal is to strengthen trust in your brand and foster emotional connections through an exclusive brand presence. Additionally, we use continuous studies of buying behavior to reach your ideal customers. Ultimately, we strive for you and your brand to become synonymous with your industry. Through successful application with various reputable companies, we have continuously refined our strategy and gradually expanded our set of exclusive design elements for brand designs and brand websites - a proven blueprint with tangible impact. Our approach is divided into four steps, which we also refer to as 'departments' and go through in every project. More information about the departments can be found here: Our Departments

Our branding methods are designed to help you build a premium brand and solidify your position as an expert in your market. Our goal is to set you apart from the competition and attract the right new customers and qualified employees on a larger scale. In the context of these efforts, we support you in transforming your marketing and sales processes into the digital space.

Over the years, we have gained extensive experience through the continuous support of numerous customers from various industries. There is hardly an industry that is unfamiliar to us. Even if your activities are in an area we have not served before, this is not a barrier for us. Our expertise particularly extends to high-priced, explanatory services or physical products. If you are interested in attracting high-quality new customers or winning qualified employees, we are here to help. We invite you to sign up for a free initial consultation. This way, we can discuss together whether a collaboration with us makes sense for you.

From conceiving the brand strategy to designing the digital brand, creating the company website, producing high-quality corporate photos, and implementing marketing measures to increase visibility and acquire new digital customers, we have successfully completed numerous projects. These projects span a wide range of brands and companies from various industries. Examples of our successful collaboration can be found in areas such as agencies, design, business consulting, expertise, real estate brokerage, architecture, interior design, auto trading, private jet rental, vehicle tuning, and many others. A selection of our projects and case studies can be found on our website. If your industry is not listed, do not hesitate to write us a message or call us. We are here to assist you personally. More information about our projects and case studies can be found here: Our Projects

You submit an inquiry to us through our website for a free initial consultation and answer some questions about your project.
Preliminary Discussion
One of our staff members conducts a phone call with you about your concern and conducts a detailed, free potential analysis with you.
A strategy consultant provides you with 60 minutes of individual consultation on your situation and collaboratively develops a concept for your brand presence.
After the initial consultation, there is the possibility for us to start a collaboration and accompany you in the long term with the implementation.

To provide accurate cost estimates, we first need comprehensive insight into your current situation, challenges, and goals. This allows us to offer tailored advice and present suitable solutions. Anything else would not meet professional standards. The best approach would be to schedule an appointment for a free consultation. At this point, I can assure you that we offer flexible packages that can be adapted to your individual situation. This way, you pay a fixed package price for the agreed-upon services. There are no hourly rates or hidden fees.

Click on 'Inquire Now' in the upper right corner and use the contact options available there. Alternatively, you can directly schedule an initial consultation appointment through the following link: Schedule Initial Consultation

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