In the dynamic environment of E-Commerce, online shops and business models face new, complex challenges daily. Our expertise as an E-Commerce agency is now focused on Frankfurt, where we possess the necessary expertise to meet the challenges of the digital marketplace. Whether it's about optimizing the user experience of your website, implementing advanced storage and logistics solutions, or designing creative marketing strategies that differentiate your products – we use our skills and tools specifically to promote your business success. Convincing branding is crucial for building trust and clearly distinguishing your brand from the competition. We support you in developing a distinctive identity that radiates authenticity and leaves a lasting impression on your customers.

The Evolution of E-Commerce as a Driving Force for Your Business Growth in Frankfurt.

Your Webshop - A Revenue Factory.

Your Webshop - The Revenue Accelerator.

Other Agencies
  • Lack of an overall approach
  • Lack of experience and expertise
  • Delayed implementation
  • Ineffective communication
  • Generic full-service agencies
  • Limited resources
  • Inadequate shop optimization
  • Inappropriate marketing concept
  • Limitation due to lack of processes
  • Incomplete solution approaches
  • Regional expertise
  • Integrated complete solution
  • Expertise gained through in-house shop development
  • Swift realization with templates
  • Excellent partner service
  • Specialized experts for webshops with a proven track record
  • Top-notch designers, developers, and marketing experts
  • Optimization of speed and conversion rate
  • Proven, scalable advertising strategies
  • Unlimited growth through automation
  • Comprehensive concepts for outstanding results
  • Global project experience

Establishing a profitable and autonomous online store through the application of proven e-commerce sales methods.


Strategy Workshop

We start with a thorough analysis of your specific requirements and goals for your e-commerce project, explore your target audience and the market to develop a tailored strategy that shapes and positions your brand in the market.


Planning and Conception

On this basis, we create a detailed e-commerce plan based on the developed strategy, and plan the technical implementation, user experience, and design to optimally equip your online store.


Design and User Experience

We develop the design and user experience with a focus on intuitive user guidance and an appealing exterior that represents your brand and enables a smooth customer journey, to increase conversion rates and strengthen sales processes.


Shop Development

In the development phase, we transform the conceived design into a functioning e-commerce platform, using cutting-edge technologies and ensuring that the solution is powerful, secure, scalable, and runs flawlessly on all devices.


Content Creation

We ensure the creation and integration of high-quality and appealing content that clearly communicates your brand message, enhances SEO performance, and effectively presents and promotes your products.


Digital Marketing

We design a comprehensive marketing strategy that makes your online store known and increases visitor numbers. Targeted SEO actions optimize your online presence, increase visibility, and improve ranking.


Quality Assurance and Testing

A meticulous review of all shop elements is carried out. Functionality tests, usability tests, and performance analyses ensure that the shop operates error-free, is user-friendly, and remains fast and reliable even with high traffic.


Continuous Optimization

Lastly, the performance data of your shop are continuously analyzed and adjustments are made that improve the user experience, increase conversion rates, and boost revenue.

The blueprint of an effective strategy for increasing sales and maximizing shopping cart value in your Frankfurt online shop.

How does collaboration work?

I am more than satisfied with the agency's work. My ideas and wishes were professionally transformed into an awesome brand! I can recommend PIXIT to anyone! I have found my partner for future work 😃

Great branding agency, I am seriously impressed by the whole team, the professional work, and the punctual and correct adherence to schedules. I can recommend PIXIT to anyone.

We have been working with PIXIT for several years. Website, shop, flyers, business cards - everything from a single source and in TOP quality. Everything is right, from the initial contact to the implementation.

Frequently Asked Questions

E-Commerce is like a digital store that is open 24/7, where customers can shop conveniently worldwide. As an E-Commerce agency, we support you in showcasing, making visible, and selling your products online. We take care of everything, from attractive web design to search engine optimization, ensuring that your customers can find and appreciate you.

An E-Commerce agency acts as your strategic partner to establish and expand your online business. We are responsible for planning, designing, and implementing your online store, optimizing the customer experience, and applying targeted marketing strategies to boost sales. With our expertise in technology, design, and digital marketing, we ensure the success of your E-Commerce business.

As an E-Commerce agency with a solid experience in building successful online stores, we are experts in this field. Initially, we develop a comprehensive E-Commerce and brand strategy with you, provide the necessary tools to identify attractive products and enhance existing ones. We quickly create a design-oriented and sales-driven shop, take care of the technical setup, and seamless product integration. Your shop will be designed in compliance with legal requirements and handed over to you ready for use. Self-management could be very time-consuming and require extensive knowledge - time that you could instead use to start generating revenue.

We primarily specialize in Shopify but also have experience with WooCommerce and Shopware. For most projects, we recommend Shopify as it is ideal for building large-scale shops.

Yes, we ensure that our shop systems comply with data protection regulations.

Our proven approach focuses on strategically developing your brand to establish you as a market leader and create a digital brand presence that fosters emotional connections and attracts discerning customers. Our method is based on a strong design approach and sales psychology. The goal is to build trust in your brand and create emotional bonds through a unique presence. We continuously analyze buying behavior to reach your ideal customers. Our ultimate goal is for you and your brand to become synonymous with your industry. Through our experience with renowned companies, we have constantly improved our strategy and expanded our set of exclusive design elements for branding and websites. Our method consists of four steps that we call 'Departments,' which we apply in every project.

For more information about the Departments, please visit: Our Departments

Our branding methods are aimed at helping you build a premium brand and strengthen your position as an expert. We want to set you apart from the competition and attract suitable new customers and qualified employees. We support you in digitizing your marketing and sales processes.

Through years of serving many customers from different industries, we have a broad base of experience. Even if we have not been active in your field before, we do not see it as a barrier. Our expertise lies especially in high-value, explanatory services or products. If you are interested in acquiring high-quality customers or qualified employees, we are ready to support you. We invite you to a free initial consultation to discuss the possibility of collaboration.

From developing brand strategies to designing digital brand appearances, creating corporate websites, producing high-quality corporate photos, and implementing marketing initiatives to increase visibility and customer acquisition, we have successfully completed numerous projects. Our experience spans various industries, including agencies, design, business consulting, expertise, real estate, architecture, interior design, automotive trading, private jet rental, vehicle tuning, and many more. An overview of our projects and case studies can be found on our website. If your industry is not listed, please contact us directly for personalized assistance.

For more information about our projects and case studies, please visit: Our Projects

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Preliminary Discussion
A team member will have a phone call with you about your concerns and conduct a comprehensive, free potential analysis.
A strategy consultant will individually advise you in a 60-minute conversation about your situation and develop a concept for your brand presence.
Project Start
After the initial consultation, there is the possibility of a long-term collaboration where we will accompany you in implementing your project.

For precise cost estimates, we initially need a detailed insight into your current situation, challenges, and goals. This allows us to provide you with tailored advice and suitable solutions. To maintain our professional standards, we recommend a free consultation. We offer flexible packages that adapt to your situation, without hourly billing or hidden costs.

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