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We are a modern agency for design & communication, located in Wiener Neustadt, Austria. We focus on the unification of the areas of graphic design, photography, IT and advertising. The result is characterized by stylish and exclusive designs paired with high-quality & powerful IT solutions. As a young, creative full-service advertising agency, we serve both customers in Austria as well as international customers, for example Germany, Switzerland, Australia and the United Arab Emirates. We continuously expand our network and collaborate with international experts and companies on exciting and challenging design projects in digital and print media and IT projects in the field of web design and app development.

For the development of websites we primary rely on the self developed PIXIT Framework and a system consisting of the very performant Grav CMS, the Bootstrap Framework and the PIXIT Framework. Depending on the requirements more systems are used. So we guarantee an optimal level of performance and functionality on all major computers, smartphones and tablets. In order to keep the balance between design and performance, information and user experience and make the optimal experience come alive, we connect these areas closely and thus achieve a very high level of quality to support our customers achieving their desired business success and representing their company ideally with a well-matched corporate design, stylish product photography, the development of a modern and attractive website or a high-quality app as well as an expedient placement in social networks.