OISHII Restaurant

Traditional Asian specialties.

Precious diversity from Asia

The OISHII restaurant located at the mall Fischapark in Wiener Neustadt presents itself with an elegant interior and a variety of Asian specialties. In addition to various experimental sushi & maki sets, Wok, Ramen, Teppan and many other dishes from the Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Thai cuisine are offered. We set the task to pack this precious variety combined with millennium old tradition into a restaurant website. Additionally we were charged with the restaurant & product photography as well as the design and production of business cards, menu cards and flyers.

OISHII Restaurant


When the user visits the website, he will plunge into the world of Asian culture and tradition. On the home page the user will see a photo slideshow which should give an insight into Ancient China on the one hand, on the other hand should present the location of the restaurant. On the about page the user gets an impression of the home province of the restaurant owners, their traditions & rites as well as information about the OISHII specials. Furthermore the website shows the current weekly menu, the menu card and offers the possibility to send an inquiry via the contact form. Photos from delicious and the traditional, yet elegantly decorated restaurant can be found in the gallery. The best of Asia - on all your devices!

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OISHII Website


The photography was a matter of highlighting the individual details and accents of the restaurant and the various dishes. The factors "elegance" and "tradition" should be seen in every aspect. In the phase of post-processing filters were created to give the photos the right tonality, appropriately for the OISHII corporate design.

OISHII Restaurant
OISHII Restaurant

Corporate Design

The corporate design of OISHII is characterized by an elegant design and includes many traditional, asian design elements. The clear and uniform appearance begins with a brand website and ranges to business cards, menu cards and flyers. OISHII designed by PIXIT | Agency for Design & Communication.

OISHII Corporate Design

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