Exclusive Car Detailing.

With style and power the king of the streets

Individual detailing according to customer requirements, performance-enhancing tuning and a unique presence on the web.

Exclusive Car Detailing

ECD-Performance is the specialist when it comes to car refinement and tuning. Depending on customer requirements, the company refines with Alcantara, carbon and nappa leather, upgrades various types of led lighting - exterior as well as interior - and performs engine and aerodynamic optimizations as well as the installation of high-quality exhaust systems. The processing of high-quality leathers, the refinement of led lighting and the exclusive tuning parts combined with a redesigned and developed brand website makes ECD-Performance the winner on the streets.


Exclusive web and motion design combined with efficient, high-performance technologies.

ECD-Performance Fahrzeugveredelung


This brand website is a unique piece based on our current design line with new, modern design elements and many new features in the field of motion design. Noticeable is our minimalistic design style in flat design with finely tuned UI elements, the matching color combination and a sporty typo according to the Corporate Brand Guide. The whole thing is supported by individual floating elements for more depth and individually created motion effects for a smooth dynamic on all devices.

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ECD-Performance Fahrzeugveredelung


Because we distinguish ourselfs through the combination of design and technology, we use state-of-the-art technologies that are both high-performance and very efficient and battery-saving on all devices. In our PIXIT design framework, we use CSS3 or GSAP, a renowned animation framework from Greensocket for liquid and complex animations, which today acts as a solid building block in premium web design. Pictures and other contents are loaded during the presence of the loading screen, so that the user can then enjoy a pleasant experience. We believe in the details lies the power - designed & powered by PIXIT | Agency for Design & Communication.

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We are particularly pleased when our work is rewarded and so we have already won several internationally recognized awards and certificates for this project. That not only makes us proud, but also our clients.

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