Dem's Gourmet

Eating is a need, enjoying an art.

Mediterranean Delicacies

For over 5 years, Dem's Gourmet has stood for the hood of Mediterranean gourmet art. The care to create Mediterranean specialties ranging from spread, fish and vegetable variations to spicy grilled specialties, with fresh ideas for the fine palate, finally led to a family business where tradition and passion combine skillfully in culinary recipes. PIXIT has therefore set itself the task of digitizing the gourmet chain and supplying it with exclusive print media and a modern web presence.

Dem's Gourmet


When the website opens up, the user is immediately greeted by an extravagant appearance with elements in flat design and large-scaled images. The pictures show the exclusive delicacies of Dem's Gourmet up close and thus bring the viewer a little closer to the culinary taste spectacle. Our handcrafted icons support the image-text backdrop and gentle animations bring dynamics to the entire appearance. The Dem's Gourmet menus are also presented in a flip-book style on both mobile and desktop screens to make browsing even more lifelike and real. Welcome to the digital, mediterranean world of Dem's Gourmet!

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Dem's Gourmet


The product photography for Dem's Gourmet required a lot of detail work. On the one hand, suitable, high-quality plates had to be selected for each dish and the delicacies had to be specially prepared and decorated. In order to photograph the food as fresh as possible, we photographed the artistically decorated specialties with our mobile photo studio and the appropriate equipment for product and macro photography locally. Subsequently a uniform filter was created, the background of the photo was knocked out and processed and optimized for the required media and channels - in line with Dem's Gourmet Corporate Design.

Dem's Gourmet Photography

Corporate Design

The corporate design of Dem's Gourmet is characterized by an modern, elegant and at the same time timeless design and includes some Mediterranean and rustic elements. The clear and uniform appearance begins with a brand website and ranges to menu cards, flyers and digital marketing materials. Dem's Gourmet designed by PIXIT | Agency for Design & Communication.

Dem's Gourmet Corporate Design

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