Atmosphere Restaurant

American burgers and cocktails.

The Atmosphere

The Atmosphere Restaurant offers a first-class selection of American burgers based on local ingredients, combined with traditional American burger recipes and extravagant cocktails in a cozy atmosphere. Impressively exquisite, the "American Burger and Cocktail Restaurant" shines in a new, glamorous design. The trapezoidal logo with its edges provides the straightforward tone and this echoes constantly through the entire website. For all Burger and Cocktail lovers - the place to be - designed by PIXIT | Agency for Design & Communication.

Atmosphere Restaurant


The Atmosphere website has a very clear and harmonious design with a timeless character and modern elements. The minimalistic flat design with subtle shadow units combined with the trapezoid elements of the corporate and dynamic images harmonizes throughout and is refined by appropriately applied gold accents and stylish typography. An image video of the restaurant on the start page lets the viewer dive directly into the culinary world of the Atmosphere Restaurant. As a CMS, a for speed and simplicity optimized Wordpress is used here, which enables easy content management and performance boosts. State-of-the-art responsive web design frameworks and smart technologies provide an unparalleled experience no matter on which device you surf. Classically prepared burgers with juicy-fresh meat, a wide variety of vegetables and side dishes as well as burger bread of a different kind discover the digital world.

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Atmosphere Restaurant

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