Prosi Indian Restaurant

Delicious Indian specialties.

Indian specialties from the world

The already well-known Viennese Prosi Exotic Supermarket, which offers all kinds of foodstuff from countries all over the world, opened an Indian restaurant in the 7th Viennese district. The PROSI Indian Restaurant offers specialties of the North and South Indian cuisine. Therefore our job was to create a modern, attractive brand website, which reflects this variety.

PROSI Indian Restaurant


When visiting the website the user gets a stylish and fresh design as expected, which includes a variety of images of Indian specialties. He gets an insight into the genesis of PROSI - starting from the Exotic Supermarket up to the Indian Restaurant. Furthermore the user gets the weekly menu and the menu card at a glance, a visual impression of the Indian specialties is delivered by the gallery. While you can send a request or book a table on the contact page, you can find descriptions of the most important specialties on the specialties page. A culinary variety of Indian specialties - designed & developed by PIXIT | Agency for Design & Communication.

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PROSI Indian Restaurant

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